Mas issue character cover opening


Issue 32
Mas issue character character plotting 01

Character Plotting

Text and diagrams by Joseph Altshuler
Mas issue character lequeu characters 01

Lequeu’s Characters

Essay by Max Jarosz
Mas issue character character and the character 01

Character and the Character

Essay by Andrew Holder
Mas issue character welcoming a new character thumbnail

Welcoming a New Character

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context
Mas issue character character and composition a response thumbnail

Character and Composition, A Response

Text and project by Design With Company
Mas issue character why we got into character thumbnail

Why We Got Into Character

Essay by Design With Company
Mas issue character character and cities of tomorrow 01

Character and Cities of To-morrow

Essay by Joanne Preston
Mas issue character michael meredith wants to be horizontal and fuzzy thumbnail

Michael Meredith Wants to Be Horizontal and Fuzzy

Stewart Hicks interviews Michael Meredith
Mas issue character the space of representations thumbnail

The Space of Representations

Stewart Hicks interviews Sam Jacob
Mas issue character my dad is better than yours 01

My Dad is Better Than Yours: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Interviews with Three Shortlisted Contestants at the 9th Annual Architecture Awards

Text by Gem Barton
Mas issue character assemblages of ordinary life thumbnail

Assemblages of Ordinary Life

Chronology by Office of Political Innovation with introductory text by Iker Gil
Mas issue character growing up modern a family story thumbnail

Growing up Modern: A Family Story

Text and photographs by Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster
Mas issue character micro modifications stories of dingbat dwellers 01

Micro-Modifications: Stories of Dingbat Dwellers

Text by Joshua G. Stein with photographs by Paul Redmond
Mas issue character the classy order thumbnail

The Classy Order

Project by Ania Jaworska in collaboration with Zack Ostrowski
Mas issue character playing with paint and space 01

Playing With Paint and Space

Adrian Shaughnessy interviews Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
Mas issue character looking to introduce something inconvenient 01

Looking to Introduce Something Inconvenient

Stewart Hicks interviews Jimenez Lai
Mas issue character legendary acts 04

Legendary Acts

Essay by Ellie Abrons
Mas issue character dead ringers 01

Dead Ringers

Project by Norell/Rodhe
Mas issue character getting cute 01

Getting Cute

Text and project by Joanna Grant
Mas issue character makin it 01

Makin’ It

Script by Julia and John McMorrough
Mas issue character alma de rimel and the glammatics 01

Alma de Rímel & The Glammatics

Project by María Jerez and elii
Mas issue character breaking bad 01

Breaking Bad: When Architecture is Turned into a Criminal

Essay by Tania Tovar Torres
Mas issue character i on the streets 01

I on the Streets

Project and images by Jason Griffiths
Mas issue character drawing soanes 01

Drawing Soane’s

Text and drawings by Eu Jin Lim
Mas issue character is romanticism alive and well 01

Is Romanticism Alive and Well and Living in America?

Review by Morris Lesser
Mas issue character construction of an architect 01

Construction of an Architect

Essay by Jimmy Carter
Mas issue character the forensic criticism of n ratsby in the architectural review 01

The Forensic Criticism of N. Ratsby in The Architectural Review

Essay by Jon Astbury
Mas issue character introducing the black bird 01

Introducing the Black Bird

A conversation between architect Grant Gibson and his late partner T.E. Cames
Mas issue amusement game seeds 07

Game Seeds

Liselore Goedhart illustrates Game Seeds, a set of little spirits that you can play with and combine to bring new characters and game ideas to life
Mas issue tokyo andrew joyce 01

Andrew Joyce

Illustrations by Andrew Joyce
Mas issue tokyo david robert 01

David Robert

Illustrations by David Robert
Mas issue aberration architecture without idealism 05

Architecture Without Idealism (Of A Sort)

Essay and project by John Szot
Mas issue vigilantism cover opening


Issue 33
Mas issue repetition we print because we can 01

We Print Because We Can

Essay by Patrick Sykes
Mas issue ordinary can architecture be ordinary 03

Can Architecture Be Ordinary?

Essay by Deborah Fausch
Mas issue repetition original copies 03

Original Copies: Inside China’s Imitation Binge

Text and photographs by Bianca Bosker
Mas issue repetition building repetition through history 01

Building Repetition Through History: Motivations And Implications

Essay by José García Soriano and Carmen López Albert
Mas issue bilbao bilbaos strategic evolution 01

Bilbao’s Strategic Evolution: The Metamorphosis of the Industrial City

Essay by Ibon Areso
Mas issue repetition an obituary for the greek city of repetition 01

An Obituary for the Greek City of Repetition

Essay by Panos Dragonas
Mas issue repetition repetition as the crystallization of a design method 01

On the Search for Spatial Patterns: Repetition as the Crystallization of a Design Method

Essay by Clara Olóriz Sanjuán