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Issue 4
Mas issue living facts 01

Living Facts

MAS Context selects facts and numbers about the way we live around the world.
Mas issue living in cabrini 01

Living in Cabrini

James Lockhart, a former resident of Cabrini Green, shares his memories with Iker Gil about growing up in the Chicago Public Housing.

Survivor Maracaibo

Architects Karla Sierralta and Brian Strawn share their experience living in Maracaibo, where informal inventions address social and economic conditions
Mas issue living nakagin capsule tower 01

Case Study #1: Nakagin Capsule Tower

Project by Kisho Kurokawa architect & associates
Mas issue living point clouds 01

Point Clouds

Graphic novel by architect Jimenez Lai
Mas issue living walden 7 01

Case Study #2: Walden 7

Project by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura
Mas issue living places not spaces 01

Places, Not Spaces

Architect and painter Maya Brittain examines the transformation of the Veneto region in Italy during the last thirty years
Mas issue living selling a lifestyle 01

Selling Lifestyle

Iker Gil interviews Eric Bricker, director and producer of Visual Acoustics, a film that celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman
Mas issue living a frame of mind 01

A Frame of Mind

Essay Paul Mougey
Mas issue living assembly required 01

Assembly Required

Andrew Clark introduces the packages, pieces and steps behind the styled and priced dioramas by Ikea
Mas issue living ufo houses 01

Case Study #3: The UFO Houses

Project based on a design by Matti Suuronen
Mas issue living the whale 01

Case Study #4: The Whale

Project by Frits van Dongen of de Architekten Cie.
Mas issue living linked hybrid complex 01

Case Study #5: Linked Hybrid Complex

Project by Steven Holl Architects
Mas issue tokyo being small living in tokyo and being unique 01

Being Small, Living in Tokyo, and Being Unique

Short essay by Masaki Endoh
Mas issue character is romanticism alive and well 01

Is Romanticism Alive and Well and Living in America?

Review by Morris Lesser
Mas issue tokyo i am a japanese urban explorer haikyo living in tokyo 01

I am a Japanese Urban Explorer (haikyo) Living in Tokyo

Short essay by neji_maki_dori
Mas issue surveillance the street as platform 01

The Street as Platform

Essay by Dan Hill, Executive Director of Futures at the UK’s Future Cities Catapult
Mas issue repetition an obituary for the greek city of repetition 01

An Obituary for the Greek City of Repetition

Essay by Panos Dragonas
Mas issue narrative cover opening

Architectural Narratives

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context
Mas issue trace tracing wright 01

Tracing Wright

A conversation between Richard Wright, Zoë Ryan, and Iker Gil
Mas issue production manufactured landscapes 01

Manufactured Landscapes

Photo essay by photographer Edward Burtynsky
Mas issue repetition one architect three approaches 01

One Architect, Three Approaches: Bertrand Goldberg’s Early Experiments with Prefabrication, 1937-1952

Essay by Michelle Benoit
Mas issue repetition repetition as the crystallization of a design method 01

On the Search for Spatial Patterns: Repetition as the Crystallization of a Design Method

Essay by Clara Olóriz Sanjuán
Mas issue public narrow streets los angeles 04

Narrow Streets Los Angeles

Photographer David Yoon narrows existing streets of Los Angeles to see the effects on the city
Mas issue ordinary can architecture be ordinary 03

Can Architecture Be Ordinary?

Essay by Deborah Fausch
Mas issue communication sound life 01

A Sound Life

Iker Gil interviews movie sound designer Oriol Tarragó
Mas issue public shanghai streets 01

Shanghai Streets

Photographer Rob Smith captures images of everyday life in the streets of Shanghai
Mas issue bilbao bilbaos strategic evolution 01

Bilbao’s Strategic Evolution: The Metamorphosis of the Industrial City

Essay by Ibon Areso
Mas issue legacy new deal utopias 01

New Deal Utopias

Text and photographs by Jason Reblando


Mas issue character growing up modern a family story 18

Living Modern: Surveying Influential Houses and their Inhabitants

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2023 there is room 10

Building Enjoyable Living Environments Through Architecture, Art, and Design

MAS Context Fall Talks 2023
Mas issue living nakagin capsule tower 03

The Aesthetic of Transience

MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2014 david schalliol the area 01

David Schalliol: The Area

MAS Context Fall Talks 2014
Mas events 2011 out of context 01

Out of Context

MAS Context Spring Talks 2011
Mas event 2018 harry seidler modernist 01

Harry Seidler: Modernist

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2021 lacol 01

Lacol: Cooperative Ecosystems

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 domestic exploration ardmore columbus 01

Domestic Explorations: Ardmore House + Columbus House 1

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2020 building subjects 01

Building Subjects: Ideas on Housing from Chinese Vernacular Architecture

MAS Context Fall Talks 2020
Mas event 2020 walter netsch at 100 01

Walter Netsch at 100

MAS Context Spring Talks 2020
Mas event 2019 tracing traces 14

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2019

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2019 marita gomis la ricarda 01

Marita Gomis: La Ricarda

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2019 la ricarda an architectural and cultural project 01

La Ricarda: An Architectural and Cultural Project

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2022 1972 accumulations 01


MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2022 a capsule as a house 01

A Capsule as a House

MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2018 can we not open our eyes to our own treasures 01

Can we not open our eyes to our own treasures?

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 couplings 01

Couplings 2018

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 jason reblando 01

Jason Reblando: New Deal Utopias

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2017 john szot 01

John Szot: Mass Market Alternatives

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2017 bilbao issue launch chicago 10

Bilbao issue launch in Chicago

MAS Context Spring Talks 2017
Mas event 2016 dingbat 01

Dingbat 2.0: The Iconic Los Angeles Apartment as Projection of a Metropolis

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2016 couplings 11

Couplings 2016

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2016 new aging 01

New Aging with Matthias Hollwich and Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2023 a lot with little bordeaux 01

A Lot With Little Opening Reception

MAS Context Fall Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 a lot with little turkana 01

A Lot With Little

Mas event 2023 there is room 02

There is Room

MAS Context Fall Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 there is room 03

There is Room

Mas event 2023 couplings thumbnail

Couplings 2023

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023


Mas observations 2019 en medio super servicio lomas 01

En-Medio: Súper Servicio Lomas

Text and interview by Departamento del Distrito (Francisco Quiñones & Nathan Friedman)
Mas observations 2019 la ricarda a work in progress 01

La Ricarda: A Work in Progress

Essay by Fernando Alvarez and Jordi Roig
Mas observations 2019 a career in five projects 01

A Career in Five Projects: Carlos Ferrater

Iker Gil interviews Carlos Ferrater
Mas observations 2019 almost perfect 01

Almost Perfect

Iker Gil interviews Luis Mendo and Yuka Martin Mendo
Mas observations 2021 helmut jahn 1940 2021 01

Helmut Jahn (1940-2021)

Remembering architect Helmut Jahn and his work
Mas observations 2021 architectures offering to academe 01

Studio: Architecture’s Offering to Academe

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2021 only girl architect only 01

Only Girl Architect Lonely

Essay by Susan King
Mas observations 2021 cooperative housing 01

Cooperative Housing as a Means More Than an End

Essay by Ethel Baraona Pohl
Mas observations 2020 contributions of the basque exile to mexican architecture 01

Contributions of the Basque Exile to Mexican Architecture

Essay by Juan Ignacio del Cueto Ruiz-Funes
Mas observations 2020 casa chilena 15

Chilean House: Domestic Images

Text by Pablo Brugnoli, Francisco Díaz, and Amarí Peliowski
Mas observations 2020 twelve cautionary urban tales 01

Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales

Text by Ethel Baraona Pohl
Mas observations 2019 southern exposure 07

Southern Exposure: The Overlooked Architecture of Chicago’s South Side

Iker Gil interviews Lee Bey
Mas observations 2019 jose miguel de prada poole 01

José Miguel de Prada Poole and the Perishable Architecture of Soap Bubbles

Essay by Antonio Cobo
Mas observations 2019 groundscraper city 01

Groundscraper City: Touring the Subterranean Structures of Minneapolis-St. Paul 1978–1983

Essay by Andy Sturdevant
Mas observations 2022 from the mississippi watershed 01

From the Mississippi Watershed

Iker Gil interviews David Schalliol
Mas observations 2023 outside the box 01a

Outside the Box: Modern and Contemporary Houses in Riverside

Text by Michelangelo Sabatino with photographs by Will Quam
Mas observations 2023 mundo mendo 01

Mundo Mendo Goes to Seoul: The World of Luis Mendo on Display

Iker Gil interviews Luis Mendo about his exhibition Mundo Mendo
Mas observations 2023 gertrude lempp kerbis 01

Gertrude Lempp Kerbis: A Career of Determination, Problem Solving, and Proactivity

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 art at the james r thompson center 01

Art at the James R. Thompson Center

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas context observations 2023 cesar sans house santa maria getxo 01

House of the Architect

Text by Iker Gil
Mas observations 2023 chicago school closures 10 years later anthony overton incubator 01

Chicago School Closures: Ten Years Later

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 1 1 2 01

1 + 1 > 2: Letter to Biljana, Notes to Frida

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2022 sainsbury wing 01

Sainsbury Wing: Objection from Denise Scott Brown

Text by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2022 betty blum 01

Betty Blum (1931–2022)

Architects and colleagues remember Betty Blum
Mas observations 2022 where the sky meets the earth cover

Where the Sky Meets the Earth

Text and photographs of Structures of Landscape in Tippet Rise by James Florio
Mas observations 2022 madrid diversa rainer torrado 02

Madrid Diversa: Five Perspectives on the City Through Maps, Photographs, and Sounds

Text by Ariadna Cantis and Javier Peña Ibañez
Mas observations 2022 at home with the collective 01

At Home with the Collective

Excerpts from a conversation between MAS Context and Alexander Eisenschmidt on a research project that he calls “At Home with the Collective” accompanied by a selection of work from a seminar and studio at UIC.