Mas issue hidden almost there 01

Almost There

Iker Gil and Julie Michiels in conversation with Dan Rybicky
Mas issue hidden the most modern of men cover

The Most Modern of Men

Short essay by Matthew Hoffman
Mas issue conflict great mosques of lake geneva 02

The Great Mosques of Lake Geneva

Essay by architect Mika Savela
Mas issue visibility infra 11


Photo essay by Richard Mosse
Mas issue amusement defencing 01


Architect Joseph Altshuler proposes a public intervention in the most typical constraint of urban isolation: the fence
Mas issue production your favorite objects 01

Your Favorite Objects

Here are your favorite objects, the ones you can’t live without, the ones you use to produce whatever you produce, the ones with the most sentimental value or the ones with the best stories.
Mas issue character the classy order thumbnail

The Classy Order

Project by Ania Jaworska in collaboration with Zack Ostrowski
Mas issue legacy the lehman invisible monument 01

The Lehman Invisible Monument

Essay by Fabrizio Gallanti
Mas issue living selling a lifestyle 01

Selling Lifestyle

Iker Gil interviews Eric Bricker, director and producer of Visual Acoustics, a film that celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman
Mas issue information making visible the invisible 01

Making Visible the Invisible

Iker Gil interviews interactive media artist George Legrady
Mas issue tokyo joey meuross 01

Joey Meuross

Illustrations by Joey Meuross
Mas issue living a frame of mind 01

A Frame of Mind

Essay Paul Mougey
Mas issue speed vector portraits 01

Vector Portraits

Photographs by Andrew Bush
Mas issue tokyo adrian hogan 01

Adrian Hogan

Illustrations by Adrian Hogan
Mas issue more yes is more 01

Yes is More

Essay by Bjarke Ingels
Mas issue hidden seeing triborough 12

Seeing Triborough

Visual essay by Sam Holleran
Mas issue bilbao the vizcaya amusement park 32

The Vizcaya Amusement Park: A Story of Broken Dreams

Essay by Tomás Ruiz with photography by Yosigo
Mas issue work mondragon cover


Diagrams by Jacob Chartoff
Mas issue more more identities 01

More Identities

Prada Transformer by OMA / Rem Koolhaas
Mas issue conflict ww2 bunkers 01

WW2 Bunkers

Photographs by Jonathan Andrew
Mas issue bilbao city and nature 01

Setting Up New Relationships Between City and Nature

Iker Gil interviews Diana Balmori
Mas issue information depicting patterns 01

Depicting Patterns

Visualizations by Aaron Koblin, artist and technology lead of Google’s Creative Lab
Mas issue information overload 01

It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure

Clay Shirky explains the challenge of the always evolving information: the filtering process
Mas issue amusement audience as participants 01

Audience as Participants

Architect Iker Gil interviews Matt Clark, co-founder and creative director of United Visual Artists
Mas issue communication sound life 01

A Sound Life

Iker Gil interviews movie sound designer Oriol Tarragó
Mas issue living in cabrini 01

Living in Cabrini

James Lockhart, a former resident of Cabrini Green, shares his memories with Iker Gil about growing up in the Chicago Public Housing.
Mas issue improbable cover opening


Issue 18
Mas issue public white house cover

White House 2.0

Text and project by Arielle Assouline-Lichten & Wayne Congar of the think-tank lab/RAD
Mas issue tokyo cover opening


Issue 24
Mas issue ownership cover opening


Issue 13
Mas issue visibility cover opening


Issue 15
Mas issue ownership cooperative dream 01

Cooperative Dream

Iker Gil interviews Jeanne Gang
Mas issue ownership suburbia gone wild 01

Suburbia Gone Wild

Text and images by photographer Martin Adolfsson

What Does Big Brother See, While He is Watching? A Look at the Secret Stasi Archives

Iker Gil interviews Simon Menner
Mas issue energy lanai networks 01

Lanai Networks

Landscape architect Marcel Wilson explains the history, challenges and opportunities that Lanai Island in Hawaii is facing
Mas issue events cdf 2011 17

CDF 2011 proposal

Architects Sharon Haar and Iker Gil propose the first Chicago Design Festival
Mas issue repetition harlem time tracker 01

Harlem Time Tracker

Text and photographs by Camilo José Vergara
Mas issue narrative cover opening

Architectural Narratives

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context
Mas issue bilbao three key organizations 01

Three Key Organizations: Bilbao Metrópoli 30, BILBAO Ría 2000, and the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium

Text by Iker Gil
Mas issue repetition claude are you dreaming 01

Claude, Are you Dreaming, or is this Really Happening?

Iker Gil interviews astronaut Claude Nicollier


Mas event 2022 ecosistema urbano 01

Ecosistema Urbano: Designing Atmospheres for Social Interaction

MAS Context Spring Talks 2022
Mas event 2017 20th anniversary guggenheim som 02

Celebrating 20 years of the Guggenheim Bilbao

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas events 2011 out of context 01

Out of Context

MAS Context Spring Talks 2011
Mas event 2015 thomas kelley nk 10

Thomas Kelley: NK

MAS Context Fall Talks 2015
Mas event 2018 alexandra lange 07

Alexandra Lange: Preserving Childhood

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2015 jnl graphic design 01

JNL graphic design studio visit

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2016 a lot you got to holler 01

A Lot You Got to Holler

MAS Context Spring Talks 2016
Mas event 2016 unfinished spaces 01

Unfinished Spaces

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas issue character character and composition a response 01

Characters in the Theater of Everyday Life

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2013 suburbia gone wild 01

Suburbia Gone Wild

MAS Context Spring Talks 2013
Mas event 2015 josep lluis sert 01

Josep Lluís Sert / A Nomadic Dream

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2018 jonathan solomon 01

Jonathan Solomon: Short-Cuts

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2022 leandro valencia locsin 01

The Complex and Multifaceted Work of Leandro Valencia Locsin

MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2018 harry seidler modernist 01

Harry Seidler: Modernist

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2016 koldo lus arana 01

Koldo Lus Arana: Architectural Narratives / Building stories

MAS Context Spring Talks 2016
Mas event 2018 agency 01

AGENCY: Undercurrents

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2021 block party 01

Block Party

MAS Context Fall Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 radical logic 01

Ensamble Studio: Radical Logic

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2016 photography and place

Photography and Place

MAS Context Spring Talks 2016
Mas event 2018 jason reblando 01

Jason Reblando: New Deal Utopias

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2017 starship chicago cover

Starship Chicago

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2019 joshua g stein paulette singley 01

Joshua G. Stein and Paulette Singley

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2012 corkins exchange 01

Corkins Exchange 2012

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2022 shaping our built environment 01

Shaping Our Built Environment: Documenting, Analyzing, and Celebrating Women’s Contributions to the Built Environment in Spain and Illinois

MAS Context Spring Talks 2022
Mas event 2016 dingbat 01

Dingbat 2.0: The Iconic Los Angeles Apartment as Projection of a Metropolis

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2016 couplings 11

Couplings 2016

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2020 uppland film screening 01


MAS Context Fall Talks 2020
Mas event 2017 john szot 01

John Szot: Mass Market Alternatives

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2018 couplings 01

Couplings 2018

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 in your city by the lake 01

In Your City by the Lake

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 envisioning new spatial organizations 01

Envisioning New Spatial Organizations

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2019 tracing traces 14

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2019

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2017 bilbao issue launch chicago 10

Bilbao issue launch in Chicago

MAS Context Spring Talks 2017
Mas event 2018 can we not open our eyes to our own treasures 01

Can we not open our eyes to our own treasures?

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018


Richard Mosse


Yu Haibo


Mike Walsh


Edward Burtynsky


Cesar Russ


Michelle Ha Tucker


Richard Prouty




Phredy Wischusen


Manuel Lima


Rod Hunting


Jimenez Lai


Theo Simpson


Yuka Martín Mendo


Steven Holl Architects


Simon Menner


Renata Graw


Lyndon Valicenti


Tomás Ruiz


Carl H. Nightingale


Jim Misener


Vladimir Belogolovsky


Richard Cahan


Joanna Livieratos


Michael Meredith


Martin Kastner


Camilo José Vergara


José Esparza Chong Cuy


Michael Chrisman


Jayne Kelley


Leo Berk


Brian Lee




Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss


Michael Renaud




Luis Ulacia




Norman Kelley


Zoë Ryan


Darren Bradley


Zaha Hadid Architects


Dan Rybicky


Jeanne Gang


José Ronco


Ecosistema Urbano


Jacob Comerci


Matīss Groskaufmanis


Dan Wheeler


David Schalliol


Germane Barnes


Katherine Darnstadt


Emanuel Admassu


Ensamble Studio


Antonio Cobo


Lisa DiChiera