Mas issue information photography information and meaning 01

Photography, Information, and Meaning

Essay by Jörg M. Colberg, editor and founder of Conscientious, a website dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography
Mas issue trace tracing intentions 01

Tracing Intentions: The Photography of Frank Thiel

Essay by Krishna Bharathi with photography by Frank Thiel
Mas issue tokyo life cycles a tokyo bike story 01

Life Cycles: A Tokyo Bike Story

Story and photography by Lee Basford
Mas issue amusement empty amusement 01

Empty Amusement

Photography by Yosigo
Mas issue trace kowloon walled city 03

Kowloon Walled City: Heterotopia in a Space of Disappearance

Essay by Matthew Hung with photography by Greg Girard
Mas issue improbable the advanced passenger train 01

The Advanced Passenger Train

Short Essay by Tom James with photography by Theo Simpson
Mas issue bilbao a place in transition 01

A Place in Transition

Essay by Iker Gil with photography by Aitor Ortiz
Mas issue surveillance politicians under surveillance 01

Politicians Under Surveillance

Project by Luzinterruptus with photography by Gustavo Sanabria
Mas issue surveillance cover opening


Issue 22
Mas issue ordinary cover opening


Issue 23
Mas issue bilbao the vizcaya amusement park 32

The Vizcaya Amusement Park: A Story of Broken Dreams

Essay by Tomás Ruiz with photography by Yosigo
Mas issue network a village by the sez 01

A Village by the SEZ: The Dafen Sample of China’s Urbanization

Essay by designer, editor, and critic Jiang Jun, with photography by Yu Haibo
Mas issue information making visible the invisible 01

Making Visible the Invisible

Iker Gil interviews interactive media artist George Legrady
Mas issue communication sound life 01

A Sound Life

Iker Gil interviews movie sound designer Oriol Tarragó
Mas issue production printing the identity of los angeles 01

Printing the Identity of Los Angeles

Text by Chad Kouri with comments by Glenn Hinman, Julia Luke, James Black, Anthony Burrill and Cody Hudson with photography by Andreas E.G. Larsson
Mas issue energy as american as power 01

(As) American (As) Power

Iker Gil and Andrew Clark interview photographer Mitch Epstein, author of American Power
Beyond built architecture 01

Beyond Built Architecture

Ethel Baraona Pohl and César Reyes Nájera from dpr-barcelona interview Jonathan Gales, founding member of Factory Fifteen
Mas issue repetition harlem time tracker 01

Harlem Time Tracker

Text and photographs by Camilo José Vergara
Mas issue repetition we print because we can 01

We Print Because We Can

Essay by Patrick Sykes
Mas issue repetition cover opening


Issue 21


Mas event 2016 photography and place

Photography and Place

MAS Context Spring Talks 2016
Mas event 2019 cartography and photography 01

Cartography and Photography: Revealing Global Metropolises

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2014 luftwerk 01

Luftwerk: Light+Space

MAS Context Spring Talks 2014
Mas event 2014 christopher baker 01

Christopher Baker: Free Love, Open-Source Style

MAS Context Spring Talks 2014
Mas event 2015 jnl graphic design 03

JNL Graphic Design studio visit

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2013 suburbia gone wild 01

Suburbia Gone Wild

MAS Context Spring Talks 2013
Mas event 2023 periphery 01


MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 couplings thumbnail

Couplings 2023

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 starship chicago II thumbnail

Starship Chicago II Premiere

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 starship chicago II poster 2 crop

Starship Chicago II

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2018 can we not open our eyes to our own treasures 01

Can we not open our eyes to our own treasures?

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 terry evans 01

Terry Evans: Ancient Prairies and Fragmented Landscapes

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 jason reblando 01

Jason Reblando: New Deal Utopias

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2017 starship chicago cover

Starship Chicago

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2016 geoff manaugh 01

Geoff Manaugh: A Burglar’s Guide to the City

MAS Context Spring Talks 2016
Mas event 2015 nina rappaport ezra stoller 02

Nina Rappaport: Ezra Stoller

MAS Context Fall Talks 2015
Mas event 2015 pitchfork 01

Pitchfork studio visit

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2021 helmut jahn 01

Helmut Jahn: In a Flash

MAS Context Fall Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 battleship berlin 01

Battleship Berlin

MAS Context Fall Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 a renewed experimentalism 01

A Renewed Experimentalism: Exploring Late Modernism

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 radical logic 01

Ensamble Studio: Radical Logic

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas issue character growing up modern a family story 18

Living Modern: Surveying Influential Houses and their Inhabitants

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2020 uppland film screening 01


MAS Context Fall Talks 2020
Mas event 2022 tracing traces 01

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2022

MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2019 nocturnal landscapes instituto cervantes opening 04

Nocturnal Landscapes: Urban Flows of Global Metropolises Exhibition Opening

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019


Mas observations 2021 nocturnal landscapes greg girard 01

Nocturnal Landscapes in Photography: Greg Girard

David Schalliol interviews Greg Girard
Mas observations 2022 eibar the factory city 01

Eibar, the Factory City

Essay Luis Ulacia and photography by José Ronco with an introduction by Iker Gil
Mas observations 2022 from the mississippi watershed 01

From the Mississippi Watershed

Iker Gil interviews David Schalliol
Mas observations 2022 on the origins of high water 01

On the Origins of High Water

Iker Gil and Mimi Zeiger interview Virginia Hanusik
Mas observations 2019 spontaneous uses cover

Spontaneous Uses

Text and drawings by SIAA with photography by Lauro Rocha
Mas observations 2019 barbara kasten 01

Connections: 48 Years

Presentation by Barbara Kasten
Mas observations 2020 el jinete amarillo 44

El Jinete Amarillo

Text by Tamara Crespo and photography by Fidel Raso
Mas observations 2020 present futures 01

Present Futures: Mechanics of Ethnocratic Colonial Urbanism

Project by Rula Zuhour with photography by Samer Sharif
Mas observations 2020 access for all 01

Access for All: São Paulo’s Architectural Infrastructures

Text by Daniel Talesnik
Mas observations 2019 southern exposure 07

Southern Exposure: The Overlooked Architecture of Chicago’s South Side

Iker Gil interviews Lee Bey
Mas observations 2019 almost perfect 01

Almost Perfect

Iker Gil interviews Luis Mendo and Yuka Martin Mendo
Mas observations 2022 exact dutch yellow 01

What, Exactly, is Exact Dutch Yellow?

Text by Marin R. Sullivan
Mas observations 2023 1 1 2 01

1 + 1 > 2: Letter to Biljana, Notes to Frida

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2023 seeking zohn zara pfeifer 01

Seeking Zohn

Text by curators Mimi Zeiger and Tony Macarena (Lorena Canales and Alejandro Olávarri) as well as Alejandro Hernández Gálvez
Mas observations 2023 art at the james r thompson center 01

Art at the James R. Thompson Center

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas event 2015 jnl graphic design 01

JNL Graphic Design: Celebrating a Studio that Sculpted the Visual and Cultural Landscape of Chicago and Beyond

Celebrating the work of JNL Graphic Design
Mas observations 2023 outside the box 01a

Outside the Box: Modern and Contemporary Houses in Riverside

Text by Michelangelo Sabatino with photographs by Will Quam
Mas observations 2022 madrid diversa rainer torrado 02

Madrid Diversa: Five Perspectives on the City Through Maps, Photographs, and Sounds

Text by Ariadna Cantis and Javier Peña Ibañez
Mas observations 2022 seeing richard nickel 01

Seeing Richard Nickel

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius