Mas issue debate platform project 01

#platform project

Project by Mimi Zeiger and Neil Donnelly
Mas issue network the supurban project 01

The Supurban Project

Project by Nick Axel
Mas issue production writing on useful objects 06

Writing on Useful Projects

Chad Kouri interviews Jonn Herschend from THE THING Quarterly
Mas issue bilbao abando passenger interchange 01

The Abando Passenger Interchange: A Project Traveling Over Eighty Years

Project by James Stirling Michael Wildford & Associates
Mas issue bilbao 20th century architecture 01

20th Century Architecture: Through the Lenses of Seven Projects

Text and selection by García de la Torre Arquitectos with illustrations by Meneo
Mas issue legacy in support of the speculative project 03

In Support of the Speculative Project: A Chicago Legacy

Essay by Alexander Eisenschmidt
Mas issue hidden reconciling infrastructural artifacts 02

Reconciling Infrastructural Artifacts

Project by Roberto Boettger
Mas issue hidden farhana 01


Project by Reinaldo Loureiro
Mas issue legacy figural moments 01

Figural Monuments: Six Ways to Commemorate Celebrity Mishaps

Project by TALL
Mas issue legacy journey with maps 01

Journey with Maps: A Cultural Emergency Project in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Essay by Killian Doherty

The Big Shift

Project by PORT Urbanism

Filter Island

Project by Urbanlab
Mas issue bold reimagining wellness in humboldt park 01

Re-Imagining Wellness in Humboldt Park

Project by JGMA
Mas issue ordinary there is no there there 15

There Is No There There

Project by Michael Hirschbichler
Mas issue bold knowledge trade center 01

KTC 234: Knowledge Trade Center

Project by JAHN
Mas issue debate vocalization machines 01

Vocalization Machines

Project by Christina Shivers
Mas issue bold forum pavilion 01

Forum Pavilion

Project by Ania Jaworska
Mas issue surveillance hidden 02


Project by Allison Greenwald
Mas issue boundary the arsenal of inclusion and exclusion 01

The Arsenal of Inclusion and Exclusion

Project by Interboro Partners


Mas issue trace nightworks 04


Project by Dennis Maher
Mas issue bilbao galindez 01

Jesús Galíndez Slope and Paul Casals Square

Project by IDOM

Second Sun

Project by WEATHERS
Mas issue visibility the limits of google 01

The Limits of Google

Project by Pedro Hernández

The Available City

Project by David Brown

The Big Shift

Project by PORT Urbanism

Filter Island

Project by UrbanLab
Mas issue bold of all of the facts and all of the figures 01

Of All of the Facts, and All of the Figures

Project by Michael Pecirno
Mas issue bold reckoning with vacancy 01

Reckoning with Vacancy

Project by David Schalliol

Sculptural object: A House

Project by Andrew Montgomery

Edison Redux

Project by Anne Miller
Mas issue university works daniels montreal port city 05

Montreal: Port/City

Project by Tomek Bartczak

Collective Nesting: Urban Housing Prototype

Project by Julia Sedlock

Bridging Ban Krua

Project by Edward Yim

Pratunam Pier

Project by Kwangjin Lee

Bangkok Piers

Project by Ross Guntert

A House for a Farmer and His Dog Plus Requisite Outbuildings

Project by Matthew Sander


Project by Jeremy Keagy

Four Black Boxes and a Beacon: a Theater for Roanoke, Virginia

Project by Meredith Barker

Museum Würth

Project by Ren Tian

Museum Würth

Project by Ioannis Piertzovanis

Hochhaus in Zürich Leutschenbach

Project by Davide Blasi

A Lot with Little

Project by María Magnasco
Mas issue bilbao lasesarre football stadium 01

Lasesarre Football Stadium

Project by NO.MAD
Mas issue bilbao idom offices 01

IDOM Offices

Project by IDOM

The Memorial of Jorge Oteiza Standing on the Kawasaki Harbor

Project by Chiaki Ishii

Jorge Oteiza Museum 2009

Project by Masaaki Matsuoka

Modern Times

Project by Munetaka Onodera

Museum of Sculptor Jorge Oteiza in Golf

Project by Makoto Sakui

Thinly Town: Reversible Landscape of the Underpopulated Village

Project by Asahi Shinoda
Mas issue university works uts the ruins of modernism 01

The Ruins of Modernism

Project by Robert Beson

Sydney Concert Hall

Project by Josh Harrex
Mas issue university works uts the gap 11

The Gap

Project by Samaneh Moafi

Vehicles of Memory

Project by Nora Niasari
Mas issue bold chicago boogie woogie 01

Chicago Boogie-Woogie

Project by Krueck + Sexton Architects
Mas issue bold south chicago collaborative 01

South Chicago Collaborative

Project by Landon Bone Baker Architects
Mas issue bold making architecture that heals 01

Making Architecture That Heals

Project by 3D Design Studio
Mas issue bold the high life 01

The High Life

Project by SOM and CAMESgibson
Mas issue speed the truffle 17

The Truffle

Project by Ensamble Studio
Mas issue bold late entry to the chicago public library competition 01

Late Entry to the Chicago Public Library Competition

Project by Design With Company
Mas issue visibility writing without words 04

Writing Without Words

Text and project by Stefanie Posavec
Mas issue bilbao a new zorrotzaurre 01

A New Zorrotzaurre

Project by Zaha Hadid Architects
Mas issue aberration dysfunctional landmarks 01

Dysfunctional Landmarks

Projects by Emilio López-Galiacho

Musical Acoustics Research & Coordination Institute (M.A.R.C.I.)

Project by Bárbara García Sos
Mas issue university works daniels hotel affected 05

Hotel Affect-ed

Project by Sando Billey Thordarson


Project by Matt van der Ploeg
Mas issue university works etsam a viewpoint 09

A Viewpoint: A Continuous Circuit

Project by Laura Cano Benito

Tourist Topography in Paraty, Brazil

Project by Victoria Cobeño Serrano

Revitalization of the Southwest of Merida, Yucatán: “Chain-Value” Buildings

Project by Silvia Echeverría Echeverría

Office Space Zürich See

Project by Margarita Klee Barillas

New Topography for “Autòdrom St. Pere de Ribes”

Project by Roger Trias Carol

Bangkok Market: An Architecture of 3 Ecologies

Project by Regina Galvanduque Flores

“Conservatori del Liceu” Building in El Raval Neighborhood

Project by Cecilia Rodríguez Vielba

Erik Gunnar Asplund’s Stockholm Public Library Expansion

Project by Ana Quintana Zazurca

Flamenco Diffusion Center

Project by Ana Martínez Carreño

University and Student Housing in the Center of Amsterdam

Project by Alejandro Konrad Stöhr

Recirculation in Terramar

Project by Josep Esteve Doladé
Mas issue character dead ringers 01

Dead Ringers

Project by Norell/Rodhe

Radiation and Telecom: Émission

Project by Jordan Geiger

Architecture and the City: Berlin, Tempelhof

Project by Ted Brown
Mas issue legacy urban matrix 01

Urban Matrix

Project by Stanley Tigerman
Mas issue aberration something exceptional 01

Something Exceptional

Projects by Luis Urculo
Mas issue energy powerplant 01

Case Study #4: Powerplant

Project by realities:united
Mas issue energy ecoboulevard vallecas 01

Case Study #1: Ecoboulevard Vallecas

Project by Ecosistema Urbano
Mas issue bilbao nervion river docks 01

Reurbanization of the Nervión River Docks

Project by Juan Sádaba and José Luis Burgos
Mas issue energy photovoltaic canopy 01

Case Study #3: Photovoltaic Canopy

Project by Martinez Lapeña-Torres Arquitectos
Mas issue energy public farm 1 01

Case Study #2: Public Farm 1

Project by WORK Architecture Company
Mas issue living nakagin capsule tower 01

Case Study #1: Nakagin Capsule Tower

Project by Kisho Kurokawa architect & associates
Mas issue living linked hybrid complex 01

Case Study #5: Linked Hybrid Complex

Project by Steven Holl Architects
Mas issue conflict the emperors castle 01

The Emperor’s Castle

Project and text by Thomas Hillier
Mas issue repetition 10 rorschach images 01

10 Rorschach Images

Project by Ana Miljacki, Lee Moreau, and Sarah Hirschman
Mas issue boundary walking the blue line 01

Walking the Blue Line

Project by Paola Aguirre and Dennis Milam
Mas issue surveillance politicians under surveillance 01

Politicians Under Surveillance

Project by Luzinterruptus with photography by Gustavo Sanabria
Mas issue surveillance the traveller 01

The Traveller

Project by Jens Sundheim and Bernhard Reuss
Mas issue surveillance ring of steel 01

Ring of Steel

Project by photographer Henrietta Williams and mapmaker George Gingell
Mas issue trace dizzy 01


Project by Charlie O’Geen and Frank Fantauzzi. Text by Phreddy Wischusen

Concert Hall in Dubrovnik

Project by Benjamin Engelhardt and Götz Lachenmann
Mas issue university works uic family 06


Project by Dana Elkhoury and Katlyn Reichelt
Mas issue university works daniels automatic revisited 07

Automatic Revisited: Fabricating Sustainable Concrete Elements

Project by Jesse Colin Jackson and Luke Stern


Project by Edita Aurelia Alvarado and María Honoria Perearnau

Small / Large Inflatables

Project by Lucrecia Bakir, Ana Luz Dardik, Chiara Gibertoni, Inés Lobos, Andrea Real, and Florencia Romaniello

Computer Models II

Project by María Luz Crescini and Guido Gastaldi

The Room

Project by Carla Laguzzi, Armando Agustín Negri, Josefina de Paul, María Luz Rodríguez, Ignacio Mussi Tiscornia, and Carolina Wundes

Olympic Village 2016+

Project by Rachel Islin, Katie Jones, and Iris Lui

Bangkok: The Three Ecologies

Project by Alexandra Milo and Claudia Garay

New York is Not a Place

Project by Laetitia Croize-Pourcelet and Sheri Zon

Off-Grid Scenarios: Solutions for the Endless City

Project by Ryan Johnson and Darya Minosyants

Difference and Innovation in New Housing Typology

Project by Lingchen Liu and Chenglong Wang
Mas issue university works uts beirut city 11

Beirut City

Project by Erik Escalante and Alina McConnochie
Mas issue ownership on the question of whownspace 01

On the Question of #whOWNSpace

Essay by Quilian Riano on behalf of the #whOWNSpace collaborative project
Mas issue ownership negotiating legality 01

Negotiating Legality

Projects by Santiago Cirugeda, architect and director of Recetas Urbanas
Mas issue bold logistical ecologies 01

Logistical Ecologies

Project by Hinterlands Urbanism and Landscape with MODUS Collective
Mas issue character alma de rimel and the glammatics 01

Alma de Rímel & The Glammatics

Project by María Jerez and elii
Mas issue character getting cute 01

Getting Cute

Text and project by Joanna Grant
Mas issue bilbao a bastion of design 01

A Bastion of Design

Project by Cini Boeri Architetti
Mas issue bilbao zigzags in mina del morro 01

Zigzags in Mina del Morro

Project by Eduardo Belzunce, Luis Díaz-Mauriño, and Juan García Millán
Mas issue speed farmland world 09

Farmland World

Project by Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer from Design With Company with Katharine Bayer and Hugh Swiatek
Mas issue aberration architecture without idealism 05

Architecture Without Idealism (Of A Sort)

Essay and project by John Szot
Mas issue ordinary wrong chairs 01

Wrong Chairs

Project by Norman Kelley (Carrie Norman and Thomas Kelley)
Mas issue hidden la recalculated 01

L.A. Recalculated

Project by Laura Allen, Geoff Manaugh, and Mark Smout
Mas issue hidden visualizing electromagnetic fields 01

Visualizing Electromagnetic Fields

Text and project by Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray
Mas issue hidden exposed urbanity 01

Exposed Urbanity

Project by Emily Louise Allen and Leandro Couto de Almeida
Mas issue bold cluster container housing for the disabled 01

Cluster Container Housing for the Disabled

Project by Stanley Tigerman, Tigerman McCurry Architects
Mas issue bold circle the wagons 01

Circle the Wagons: A Community Enclave

Project by Margaret McCurry, Tigerman McCurry Architects
Mas issue bold cut fill 01


Project by Central Standard Office of Design
Mas issue character i on the streets 01

I on the Streets

Project and images by Jason Griffiths
Mas issue character character and composition a response thumbnail

Character and Composition, A Response

Text and project by Design With Company
Mas issue character the classy order thumbnail

The Classy Order

Project by Ania Jaworska in collaboration with Zack Ostrowski
Mas issue public white house cover

White House 2.0

Text and project by Arielle Assouline-Lichten & Wayne Congar of the think-tank lab/RAD
Mas issue public european prize for public space 01

European Prize for Urban Public Space

The European Award for Urban Public Space selected this year projects by KARO* with Architectur + Netzwerk and SNØHETTA
Mas issue living the whale 01

Case Study #4: The Whale

Project by Frits van Dongen of de Architekten Cie.
Mas issue living ufo houses 01

Case Study #3: The UFO Houses

Project based on a design by Matti Suuronen
Mas issue living walden 7 01

Case Study #2: Walden 7

Project by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura
Mas issue conflict water shore habitat 01

Water Shore Habitat

Project by David Garcia Studio awarded First Prize in the International Unesco Delta City of the Future competition

Utopias in the Gaps

Essay by Sergio Lopez-Pineiro with projects by Holes of Matter
Mas issue repetition we print because we can 01

We Print Because We Can

Essay by Patrick Sykes
Mas issue conflict changes are coming 01

Changes are Coming

Vladimir Belogolovsky, architect and founder of the Intercontinental Curational Project, interviews architect and educator Peter Eisenman
Mas issue communication making policy public 15

Making Policy Public

Projects by the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), a nonprofit organization that uses design and art to improve civic engagement
Mas issue speed on the quickening of history 01

On the Quickening of History

Essay by Brendan Crain, founder of the Where blog and Communications Manager at Project for Public Spaces
Mas issue speed talk to your city 01

Talk to Your City

Project by Candy Chang, co-founder of Civic Center, a civic design studio in New Orleans
Mas issue hidden undergrounding 01


Photographs by Theo Simpson with text by Tom James
Mas issue legacy building legacies cover

Building Legacies

Diagrams by Jacob Chartoff
Mas issue aberration boom bust rubble bust 01

Boom Bust Rubble Dust

Essay by Tom Keeley
Mas issue bilbao three key organizations 01

Three Key Organizations: Bilbao Metrópoli 30, BILBAO Ría 2000, and the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium

Text by Iker Gil
Mas issue work publics works 01

Publics Works

Essay by Maria Moreno-Carranco
Mas issue bilbao building the symbol of a remarkable transformation 01

Building the Symbol of a Remarkable Transformation

Iker Gil interviews John Zils
Mas issue bilbao bilbaos strategic evolution 01

Bilbao’s Strategic Evolution: The Metamorphosis of the Industrial City

Essay by Ibon Areso
Mas issue vigilantism loopty loops in the age of super heroes thumbnail

Loopty Loops (#ALWAYSWIP)

Essay by Jennifer Bonner
Mas issue repetition one architect three approaches 01

One Architect, Three Approaches: Bertrand Goldberg’s Early Experiments with Prefabrication, 1937-1952

Essay by Michelle Benoit

Posconflicto Laboratory: More and More about Less and Less and Less and Less about More and More

Essay by Roberto Soundy and project by URBANÍSTICA—Empresa Metropolitana de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de la Ciudad de Guatemala and Asociación Centroamericana Taller de Arquitectura (a—c—t—a)
Mas issue repetition an obituary for the greek city of repetition 01

An Obituary for the Greek City of Repetition

Essay by Panos Dragonas
Mas issue repetition repetition as the crystallization of a design method 01

On the Search for Spatial Patterns: Repetition as the Crystallization of a Design Method

Essay by Clara Olóriz Sanjuán
Mas issue repetition original copies 03

Original Copies: Inside China’s Imitation Binge

Text and photographs by Bianca Bosker
Mas issue repetition building repetition through history 01

Building Repetition Through History: Motivations And Implications

Essay by José García Soriano and Carmen López Albert
Mas issue repetition claude are you dreaming 01

Claude, Are you Dreaming, or is this Really Happening?

Iker Gil interviews astronaut Claude Nicollier
Mas issue surveillance the street as platform 01

The Street as Platform

Essay by Dan Hill, Executive Director of Futures at the UK’s Future Cities Catapult
Mas issue surveillance what does big brother see while he is watching 01

What Does Big Brother See, While He is Watching? A Look at the Secret Stasi Archives

Iker Gil interviews Simon Menner
Mas issue production chicago production software to produce 01

Chicago Production: Software to Produce

Rod Hunting interviews Jason Fried, founder and CEO of 37signals

24COA: A Visual Score

Project developed as part of the Pen & Bow workshop at Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture led by Andrew Ruff. Visual score interpreted by ETHEL.
Mas issue production vertical urban factory 01

Vertical Urban Factory

Essay by architectural critic, curator and educator Nina Rappaport
Mas issue network through the lens of food 01

Through the Lens of Food

Iker Gil interviews Sarah Rich and Nicola Twilley
Mas issue events bauhaus 2009 05

Bauhaus 2009

Red Mike interviews Marcus Max Schreiner
Mas issue living in cabrini 01

Living in Cabrini

James Lockhart, a former resident of Cabrini Green, shares his memories with Iker Gil about growing up in the Chicago Public Housing.
Mas issue public el peine del viento 05

El Peine del Viento

Luis Chillida, son of sculptor Eduardo Chillida, talks to Iker Gil about “El Peine del Viento”
Mas issue information depicting patterns 01

Depicting Patterns

Visualizations by Aaron Koblin, artist and technology lead of Google’s Creative Lab
Mas issue information making visible the invisible 01

Making Visible the Invisible

Iker Gil interviews interactive media artist George Legrady
Mas issue information lines of reading 05

Lines of Reading

Artwork by Jack Henrie Fisher, graphic designer and design research at Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, The Netherlands
Mas issue character drawing soanes 01

Drawing Soane’s

Text and drawings by Eu Jin Lim
Mas issue university works virginia tech studio 01

Virginia Tech, School of Architecture + Design

Introduction by Kathryn Clarke Albright
Mas issue university works ethz studio 01

ETH Zürich, Faculty of Architecture

Introduction by Josep Lluís Mateo
Mas issue university works utdt studio 01

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Escuela de Arquitectura y Estudios Urbanos

Introduction by Diego Arraigada
Mas issue university works discussing university works 01

Discussing University Works

A conversation between Andrew Clark, Judith De Jong, Alexander Eisenschimdt, Iker Gil, Jimenez Lai, Paul Preissner, Juan Manuel Rois, and Karla Sierralta
Mas issue debate room at the top 05

Room at the Top? Sexism and the Star System in Architecture

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas issue debate circulating borders 01

Circulating Borders: The BMW Guggenheim Lab

Essay by Marina Otero Verzier
Mas issue ordinary designing for other things to happen 08

Designing for Other Things to Happen

Essay by Rojkind Arquitectos
Mas issue ordinary can architecture be ordinary 03

Can Architecture Be Ordinary?

Essay by Deborah Fausch
Mas issue university works uts studio 01

University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Design, Architecture, and Built Environment

Introduction by David Burns
Mas issue university works waseda studio 01

Waseda University, Department of Architecture

Introduction by Masayuki Irie
Mas issue visibility revealing the secrets behind the designs cover

Revealing the Secrets Behind the Designs

Diagrams by Salottobuono
Mas issue ownership obsessive consumption 01

Obsessive Consumption

Text and illustrations by Kate Bingaman Burt
Mas issue ownership everything is a remix 01

Everything is a Remix

Iker Gil interviews Kirby Ferguson, writer, director, editor and author of the Everything is a Remix series
Mas issue speed a strategic vision for the center of dense cities 01

A Strategic Vision for the Center of Dense Cities: Madrid as a Case Study

Essay by José María Ezquiaga and Juan Herreros, architects and directors of PROYECTO MADRID CENTRO
Mas issue ownership suburbia gone wild 01

Suburbia Gone Wild

Text and images by photographer Martin Adolfsson
Mas issue speed mumbai disconnected 01

Mumbai Disconnected

Iker Gil interviews Camilla Nielsson, co-director with Frederik Jacobi of the documentary Mumbai Disconnected
Mas issue bilbao cover opening


Issue 30-31


Issue 29
Mas issue repetition cover opening


Issue 21
Mas issue visibility cover opening


Issue 15
Mas issue communication cover opening


Issue 14
Mas issue university works cover opening

University Works

Issue 0
Mas issue character character plotting 01

Character Plotting

Text and diagrams by Joseph Altshuler


Mas event 2019 la ricarda an architectural and cultural project 01

La Ricarda: An Architectural and Cultural Project

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2016 dingbat 01

Dingbat 2.0: The Iconic Los Angeles Apartment as Projection of a Metropolis

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2022 conor o shea 02

Conor O’Shea: Designing Urban Biodiversity

MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2021 domestic exploration ardmore columbus 05

Now / Arriving 2023: Kwong Von Glinow

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 now arriving future firm 01

Now / Arriving 2023: Future Firm

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 now arriving daam 01

Now / Arriving 2023: DAAM

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 starship chicago II thumbnail

Starship Chicago II Premiere

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 starship chicago II poster 2 crop

Starship Chicago II

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2018 envisioning new spatial organizations 01

Envisioning New Spatial Organizations

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 can we not open our eyes to our own treasures 01

Can we not open our eyes to our own treasures?

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 nathan friedman 01

Nathan Friedman: En-Medio

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 couplings 01

Couplings 2018

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2017 chris cornelius 01

Chris Cornelius: Indigenously

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2017 jai alai blues 01

Jai Alai Blues

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2017 tracing traces 01

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2017

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2017 20th anniversary guggenheim som 02

Celebrating 20 years of the Guggenheim Bilbao

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2017 john szot 01

John Szot: Mass Market Alternatives

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2017 killian doherty 01

Killian Doherty: Yekepa

MAS Context Spring Talks 2017
Mas event 2017 bilbao issue launch chicago 10

Bilbao issue launch in Chicago

MAS Context Spring Talks 2017
Mas event 2019 verity jane keefe 01

Verity-Jane Keefe: Operating Between the Cracks

MAS Context Spring Talks 2019
Mas event 2019 geometry of light barcelona pavilion 01

Geometry of Light: Barcelona Pavilion

MAS Context Spring Talks 2019
Mas event 2018 geometry of light fundraiser cover

Geometry of Light fundraiser

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 carlos bedoya 01

Carlos Bedoya: Invisible Geometries

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 tracing traces 01

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2018

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2022 1972 accumulations 01


MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2018 in your city by the lake 01

In Your City by the Lake

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 harry seidler modernist 01

Harry Seidler: Modernist

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2020 building subjects 01

Building Subjects: Ideas on Housing from Chinese Vernacular Architecture

MAS Context Fall Talks 2020
Mas event 2019 geometry of light farnsworth house 01

Geometry of Light: Farnsworth House

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2020 tracing traces 01

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2020

MAS Context Fall Talks 2020
Mas event 2020 luftwerk on mies van der rohe 01

Luftwerk on Mies van der Rohe: Reinterpreting Space Through Light and Color

MAS Context Spring Talks 2020
Mas event 2020 walter netsch at 100 01

Walter Netsch at 100

MAS Context Spring Talks 2020
Mas event 2019 tracing traces 14

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2019

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2019 joshua g stein paulette singley 01

Joshua G. Stein and Paulette Singley

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2019 marita gomis la ricarda 01

Marita Gomis: La Ricarda

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2021 block party 01

Block Party

MAS Context Fall Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 sancho madridejos 01

Sancho-Madridejos: The Space Within the Fold

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event nighttime as a unique territory 01

Nighttime as a Unique Territory

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 pioneering black architects in los angeles and chicago 03

Pioneering Black Architects in Los Angeles and Chicago: A Reflection by Janna Ireland and Lee Bey

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 domestic exploration ardmore columbus 01

Domestic Explorations: Ardmore House + Columbus House 1

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2023 spaces with stories 02

Spaces With Stories

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 couplings thumbnail

Couplings 2023

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 now arriving announcement small

Now / Arriving 2023

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas observations 2022 way beyond bigness 08

Engineering Ecosystems: The Mississippi River Watershed and its Infrastructure

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 stone wall stand in 01

Design with Company: Stone Wall Stand In

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 inhabiting the water 01

Inhabiting the Water

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2021 architectures social ecological political agency 01

Architecture’s Social, Ecological, and Political Agency

MAS Context Fall Talks 2021
Mas events 2021 territories of territory extraction 01

Territories of Territory Extraction

MAS Context Fall Talks 2021
Mas issue public is there a future for the recent past in new orleans 08

Charles Colbert at 100

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 a renewed experimentalism 01

A Renewed Experimentalism: Exploring Late Modernism

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 radical logic 01

Ensamble Studio: Radical Logic

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas issue character growing up modern a family story 18

Living Modern: Surveying Influential Houses and their Inhabitants

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2021 natalie de blois 01

Natalie de Blois at 100

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2022 shaping our built environment 01

Shaping Our Built Environment: Documenting, Analyzing, and Celebrating Women’s Contributions to the Built Environment in Spain and Illinois

MAS Context Spring Talks 2022
Mas event 2022 nhdm 01

N H D M: Figurations and their Grounds

MAS Context Spring Talks 2022
Mas event 2022 ecosistema urbano 01

Ecosistema Urbano: Designing Atmospheres for Social Interaction

MAS Context Spring Talks 2022
Mas event 2012 analog jimenez lai 01

Analog 2012: Jimenez Lai

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2012 corkins exchange 01

Corkins Exchange 2012

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2012 analog sam vinz 01

Analog 2012: Sam Vinz

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2012 analog dieter roelstraete 01

Analog 2012: Dieter Roelstraete

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2012 analog marc fisher 01

Analog 2012: Marc Fisher

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2012 analog david sieren sam rosen 01

Analog 2012: David Sieren and Sam Rosen

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2012 analog andrew clark 01

Analog 2012: Andrew Clark

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2012 analog john pobojewski 01

Analog 2012: John Pobojewski

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas event 2012 analog david rueter 01

Analog 2012: David Rueter

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas issue boundary challenging the physical and disciplinary boundaries 02

Analog 2012: Sean Lally

MAS Context Fall Talks 2012
Mas issue ownership cooperative dream 01

Studio Gang: Ownership

MAS Context Spring Talks 2012
Mas event 2011 analog cover

Analog 2011

MAS Context Fall Talks 2011
Mas event 2013 geoff manaugh nicola twilley 01

Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley: A Year on the Road with Venue

MAS Context Spring Talks 2013
Mas event 2015 michel rojkind 01

Michel Rojkind: Recent Work

MAS Context Fall Talks 2015
Mas event 2014 alison fisher 01

Alison Fisher: The Contextual Megastructure

MAS Context Fall Talks 2014
Mas event 2014 our public space poster 02

Our Public Space: Who Owns It, Who Shapes It, and Who Benefits From It

MAS Context Spring Talks 2014
Mas event 2013 suburbia gone wild 01

Suburbia Gone Wild

MAS Context Spring Talks 2013
Mas event 2017 bilbao issue launch bilbao 01

Bilbao issue launch in Bilbao

MAS Context Spring Talks 2017
Mas event 2016 couplings 11

Couplings 2016

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2022 germane barnes intersect 06

Germane Barnes: Intersect

MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2015 nina rappaport vertical urban factory 01

Nina Rappaport: Vertical Urban Factory

MAS Context Fall Talks 2015
Mas event 2015 thomas kelley nk 10

Thomas Kelley: NK

MAS Context Fall Talks 2015
Mas event 2015 exploring the ryerson and burnham archives 01

Exploring the Ryerson & Burnham Archives at the Art Institute of Chicago

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2021 nocturnal landscapes museo en la calle 01

Nocturnal Landscapes: Museo en la Calle

MAS Context Spring Talks 2021
Mas event 2015 michael kubo 01

Michael Kubo: Collective–LOK

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2015 chatter architecture talks back 01

Chatter: Architecture Talks Back

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2022 leandro valencia locsin 01

The Complex and Multifaceted Work of Leandro Valencia Locsin

MAS Context Fall Talks 2022


Mas observations 2019 the mies project 12

The MIES Project

Michelangelo Sabatino interviews Arina Dähnick
Mas observations 2019 a career in five projects 01

A Career in Five Projects: Carlos Ferrater

Iker Gil interviews Carlos Ferrater
Mas observations 2019 pittsburgh as a project reimagining the modern 05

Pittsburgh as a Project: Reimagining the Modern

Essay by Rami el Samahy, Chris Grimley, and Michael Kubo
Mas observations 2019 chinese communal graphic standards 13

Chinese Communal Graphic Standards

Text and project by Raven Xu
Mas observations 2020 on the precious work of brinda somaya 01

On the Precious Work of Brinda Somaya

Text and projects by Brinda Somaya
Mas observations 2021 catalog for the post human 01

Catalog for the Post-Human

Project and text by Parsons & Charlesworth
Mas observations 2021 a field guide to sprawl mountain 01

A Field Guide to Sprawl Mountain: Modeling Waiting in the Landscape of Dismantled Transit

Essay and project by Joshua G. Stein
Mas observations 2020 present futures 01

Present Futures: Mechanics of Ethnocratic Colonial Urbanism

Project by Rula Zuhour with photography by Samer Sharif
Mas observations 2019 jose miguel de prada poole 01

José Miguel de Prada Poole and the Perishable Architecture of Soap Bubbles

Essay by Antonio Cobo
Mas observations 2019 southern exposure 07

Southern Exposure: The Overlooked Architecture of Chicago’s South Side

Iker Gil interviews Lee Bey
Mas observations 2019 memories of la ricarda 11

Memories of La Ricarda: The Gomis Bertrand and Bonet Families Reflect on a Historic House

The Gomis Bertrand family and Victoria Bonet, daughter of the architect Antonio Bonet Castellana, share their memories about the Casa Gomis
Mas observations 2019 stanley tigerman 1930 2019 01

Stanley Tigerman (1930–2019)

Architects remember Stanley Tigerman
Mas observations 2019 liminal frontier 01

Liminal Frontier: Climate Adaptation and the American Coast

Essay and photographs by Virginia Hanusik
Mas observations 2019 atlantic city 01

Atlantic City

Iker Gil interviews Brian Rose
Mas observations 2019 en medio super servicio lomas 01

En-Medio: Súper Servicio Lomas

Text and interview by Departamento del Distrito (Francisco Quiñones & Nathan Friedman)
Mas observations 2019 a receding coast 01

A Receding Coast

Essay and photographs by Virginia Hanusik
Mas observations 2019 almost perfect 01

Almost Perfect

Iker Gil interviews Luis Mendo and Yuka Martin Mendo
Mas observations 2019 groundscraper city 01

Groundscraper City: Touring the Subterranean Structures of Minneapolis-St. Paul 1978–1983

Essay by Andy Sturdevant
Mas observations 2019 la ricarda a work in progress 01

La Ricarda: A Work in Progress

Essay by Fernando Alvarez and Jordi Roig
Mas observations 2019 memory card sea power 04

Memory Card Sea Power

Iker Gil interviews David Southwood
Mas observations 2023 seeking zohn zara pfeifer 01

Seeking Zohn

Text by curators Mimi Zeiger and Tony Macarena (Lorena Canales and Alejandro Olávarri) as well as Alejandro Hernández Gálvez
Mas observations 2023 from resources to rubble eric allix rogers 01

From Resources to Rubble: Evaluating Chicago’s Demolition Delay Ordinance in its Twentieth Year

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas context observations 2023 cesar sans house santa maria getxo 01

House of the Architect

Text by Iker Gil
Mas observations 2023 griot germane barnes venice biennale 01

Griot, Storytelling, and the Manipulation of History

Iker Gil interviews Germane Barnes
Mas observations 2023 beyond the landmarks 01

Beyond the Landmarks: A Personal Look at Columbus, Indiana

Text and photographs by David Schalliol
Mas observations 2022 from the mississippi watershed 01

From the Mississippi Watershed

Iker Gil interviews David Schalliol
Mas observations 2022 at home with the collective 01

At Home with the Collective

Excerpts from a conversation between MAS Context and Alexander Eisenschmidt on a research project that he calls “At Home with the Collective” accompanied by a selection of work from a seminar and studio at UIC.
Mas observations 2023 threatened altered and demolished abrams house 01

Threatened, Altered, and Demolished: Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates’ Built Work at Risk

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 chicago school closures 10 years later anthony overton incubator 01

Chicago School Closures: Ten Years Later

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 som computer group 06

SOM’s Computer Group: Narratives of Women in Early Architectural Computing

Essay by Shelby Doyle and Nick Senske
Mas observations 2023 baxter international and corporate campus architecture baxter 01

Baxter International and Corporate Campus Architecture: Chicagoland’s Technological Architecture Under Threat

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2022 madrid diversa rainer torrado 02

Madrid Diversa: Five Perspectives on the City Through Maps, Photographs, and Sounds

Text by Ariadna Cantis and Javier Peña Ibañez
Mas observations 2023 1 1 2 01

1 + 1 > 2: Letter to Biljana, Notes to Frida

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2022 betty blum 01

Betty Blum (1931–2022)

Architects and colleagues remember Betty Blum
Mas observations 2022 the super roof at 50 michael zimmermann 01

The Super Roof Turns 50

Iker Gil and William Baker interview Rudolph Bergermann and Knut Göppert
Mas observations 2022 after demolition cover

After Demolition

Photo essay by David Schalliol
Mas observations 2022 will we chicago 01

Will We, Chicago?

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2020 converging at architecture 01

Converging at Architecture: An Interview with Jeanne Gang

Ann Lui interviews Jeanne Gang
Mas observations 2021 nocturnal landscapes greg girard 01

Nocturnal Landscapes in Photography: Greg Girard

David Schalliol interviews Greg Girard
Mas observations 2021 cooperative housing 01

Cooperative Housing as a Means More Than an End

Essay by Ethel Baraona Pohl
Mas observations 2021 a total work of art 01

A Total Work of Art: The Salime Hydroelectric Power Plant

Essay by Patxi Eguiluz and Carlos Copertone
Mas observations 2021 an industrial legacy worth saving 01

An Industrial Legacy Worth Saving

Essay by Iker Gil
Mas observations 2020 contributions of the basque exile to mexican architecture 01

Contributions of the Basque Exile to Mexican Architecture

Essay by Juan Ignacio del Cueto Ruiz-Funes
Mas observations 2021 helmut jahn 1940 2021 01

Helmut Jahn (1940-2021)

Remembering architect Helmut Jahn and his work
Mas observations 2020 access for all 01

Access for All: São Paulo’s Architectural Infrastructures

Text by Daniel Talesnik
Mas observations 2021 architectures offering to academe 01

Studio: Architecture’s Offering to Academe

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2021 nancy abshire lifetime award 01

2021 Chicago Women in Architecture Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award: Nancy A. Abshire

Presentation by architect Nancy Abshire