MAS Context Spring Talks 2019

Verity-Jane Keefe: Operating Between the Cracks

April 9, 2019 at 6PM

Lecture by artist Verity-Jane Keefe that took place at the Charnley-Persky House, home of the Society of Architectural Historians.


Mas event 2019 verity jane keefe 01

Mid-demolition, Ford Stamping Plant, Dagenham, 2017. © Courtesy of Verity-Jane Keefe.

Operating Between the Cracks: Dagenham to Detroit, post-Ford Landscapes

During her talk, artist Verity-Jane Keefe discussed her work focusing on Outer London and the research that has led her to Detroit. Verity shared selected projects and talked through how and if a locally embedded, long term socially engaged practice can be taken and applied to a seemingly disconnected new international context. It was done via looking closely, writing your own briefs, developing bespoke funding models, research as practice, making proposals, and forging relationships. How can we make work that is both local and that translates on an international platform to a multitude of audiences, art and non-art?