We are based in Chicago, but our reach is global. We are a platform that commissions and shares relevant ideas, proposals, and experiences that connect diverse disciplines and place. We want the work to respond to our current context while having a rigor and depth that makes it relevant through time and changing conditions.

Mas event 2020 walter netsch at 100 16

Netsch Residence, Chicago, 2020. © Will Forrest.

We are also an evolving platform. Our core values remain the same while our modes of engagement grow and adjust to respond to an ever-changing context.

We currently develop our work through four core initiatives:

Our topic-based journal brings together global contributors from different disciplines that explore a topic from multiple points of view and perspectives. The print and online publications frame important topics within particular contexts, understanding their historical trajectory while projecting future implications.

Our events act as an extension of the topics explored in the issues, engaging with new audiences in fruitful conversations led by emerging and established academics and practitioners. These events take the form of lectures, book launches, panel discussions, film screenings, exhibitions, studio visits, and artistic installations. The online section dedicated to our events features information about upcoming programs as well as an archive of previous events that include videos, photographs, and texts.

Our online series Observations features individual articles focused on the intersection between the built environment and other disciplines. The articles initiate or expand upon themes explored by MAS Context. This section is also the home to particular series, such as featuring exhibitions across the world affected by COVID-19, and In Context (a recontextualization of our archives by our readers).

Our Dialogues effort is a series of in-depth conversations with Chicago-based practitioners focused on design and the built environment in and around Chicago. Each conversation discusses the ideas and experiences that shape the work of architects, designers, curators, and artists.

These four lines of operation allow for different speeds, formats, engagements, audiences, and outcomes.

Collaborate. Contribute. Debate. Support. Engage. Act.

Mas event 2016 analog 13

Klaus, MAS Context Analog, Studio Gang Architects, Chicago, 2016. © Iker Gil.

“MAS Context is a true champion of contemporary visual art and architecture by supporting emerging practitioners with tools that are integral to their personal and professional growth. They can see and believe in the power of projects by artists in the early stages of their career and work tirelessly to connect them with the people and resources that can further enrich their practice. I am so grateful for the guidance and support that I have received for my own work!”
Virginia Hanusik


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