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Society of Typographic Arts STA 100 2021
Radical Logic book

Society of Typographic Arts STA 100 2021
Vigilantism issue

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The Schweikher House

Society of Typographic Arts STA 100 2017
Bold issue

Society of Typographic Arts STA 100 2017
Hidden issue

50 Books | 50 Covers: Design Observer 2016
Bold issue (Cover)

50 Books | 50 Covers: Design Observer 2016
Bold issue (Book)

Society of Typographic Arts STA 100 2016
Debate issue

50 Books | 50 Covers: Design Observer 2015
Debate issue (Cover)

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Legacy issue (Book)

50 Books | 50 Covers: Design Observer 2014
Repetition issue (Book)

Society of Typographic Arts Archive 14 2014
Boundary issue

Society of Typographic Arts Archive 14 2014
Improbable issue

Society of Typographic Arts Archive 14 2014
Trace issue

Society of Typographic Arts Archive 14 2014
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The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation 2023
(one year)

Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts 2022
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Exhibitions & Permanent Archives

A+D Architecture and Design Museum (Los Angeles)
A Few Zines: Dispatches from the Edge of Architectural Production (Chicago)
Archizines (worldwide)
Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago)
Chicago Design Archive (Chicago)
CRP/ Centre régional de la photographie Hauts-de-France (Douchy-les-Mines)
Istanbul Design Biennial (Istanbul)
La Casa Encendida (Madrid)
Magazine Library (Tokyo)
National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London)
Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (Seoul)
Studio NOCK (Gothenburg)


“Iker’s view is broad, geographically and intellectually. His approach is interdisciplinary and stresses enquiry, research, and criticism. Each issue of MAS Context links design disciplines via a shared topic, and all are marshaled in support of urban design — but in an unusual way.

Architectural urbanists tend to see urban design as large-scale architecture. Their thinking on cities is limited to ideas within architecture and, when faced with urban issues they ask “What did Corbu (or Zaha) do?” Iker’s contributions suggest much broader thought spans and wider possibilities to help build urban design as a discipline.

An architectural subspecialty now, this field will not become its own discipline until it establishes a body of scholarly, artistic and professional knowledge and opinion, related to but different from architecture. This would not merely be nice, it is necessary. We pay dearly in cities for gaps in architects’ thinking about urbanism. For example, an urban design thought system is needed to argue, when necessary, with the individual project in the interest of the broader community — its present needs, but also its history and future. If lack of strength in the philosophies and processes of urban design lie behind some important urban architectural failures, then we clearly need what Iker offers.”

Denise Scott Brown
Architect and principal at Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates

“The Chicago architectural landscape has become unthinkable without MASContext, its publications, and events. It’s very much appreciated.”

Lynn Becker
Writer on architecture, culture, and Chicago

“MAS Context is a quarterly gem that inevitably embodies design’s response to the zeitgeist… and with a simple click the download is all mine!

Thank you MAS Context.”

Rick Valicenti
Founder of Thirst

“MAS Context is a true champion of contemporary visual art and architecture by supporting emerging practitioners with tools that are integral to their personal and professional growth. They can see and believe in the power of projects by artists in the early stages of their career and work tirelessly to connect them with the people and resources that can further enrich their practice. I am so grateful for the guidance and support that I have received for my own work!”

Virginia Hanusik

“Since its founding, MAS Context has grown into an innovative read with an interdisciplinary scope that enriches the perspectives of architecture and urbanistic practices. The journal is intelligently thematically conceived with a lens to view architecture and the city through the eyes of contemporary culture, politics and the environment. Iker’s accomplishment to develop this publication, exhibitions and events is very impressive and a testament to his rigor, creativity and brilliant use of graphic materials to present key topics. This kind of thoughtful approach is needed more than ever to further expand the discourse in contemporary spatial practices.”

Antonio Petrov, DDes
Editor of New Geographies

“There is a resurgence in independent architecture publishing and MAS Context is at the forefront of the new generation of editorial projects. Through an international network of contributors, digital distribution and themed issues, MAS Context is an important voice in architectural criticism and commentary.”

Elias Redstone
Independent curator, writer, editor and consultant

“Within the rise of blogs becoming increasingly mainstream in the past ten years and the architectural scene discussing the lack of criticism and importance of the editorial task to create quality contents, we found the work of MAS Context incredibly refreshing and deeply focused on architecture communication as means of creating forward-thinking architecture.

Bringing together different tools and experiences, as the web, printed magazine and live events, MAS Context is creating an important data base in the architectural arena of the current times.”

Ethel Baraona Pohl
Architect and founder of dpr-barcelona

“In a sea of print publications, MAS Context undoubtedly stands out! Not only is it unique in its graphic design, thematic format, and content, but readers and fans are drawn into each issue by Iker Gil’s ability to take editorial risks. Overtime, he has published dozens of architectural practices before anyone else believes in their work while also handing over the reigns to guest editors carte blanche. By uplifting the work of experimental practitioners, Iker presents a model of publication that is infectious.

Print and online journals come and go, but MAS Context will be a lasting fixture in architectural history. We are all grateful for the labor of love and passion he executes in print, exhibition, and programming events. LFG, MAS Context!”

Jennifer Bonner
Director, MALL

“MAS CONTEXT : ANALOG fuses the energy and ambition of youthful thinkers with the insights of highly seasoned innovators, harnessing a range of artistic, design, and architecture practice. The event’s carefully considered cross-disciplinary programming, along with its articulate and thoughtful audience, make it a fertile resource for Chicago. I hope it’s able to grow and thrive, becoming a treasured means for motivating and challenging the city’s art and design community.”

Cheryl Towler Weese
Graphic designer, founder and partner at Studio Blue

“MAS Context is one of the rare collections, be it online, in print or as an event, that tackles issues from a critical and multifaceted perspective. This notion of critical content is hugely important given the overwhelming amount of unfocused, shallow content on the internet that exists today. MAS Context is the only platform of its kind where it takes people from various fields and looks at a singular topic to put it into context and perspective providing a contemporary pulse that is extremely valuable. Having attended MAS CONTEXT : ANALOG in fall, I was not only hugely impressed by the massive undertaking of non-stop, 12 hour lecture series but by the high level of content, participants, and attendees. This type and level of event is normally found only at large, established institutions, once again demonstrating the need to support these types of undertakings. It provided a rare opportunity for those of us in Chicago to get a glimpse into nationally recognized practitioners and their practices who are based in Chicago. The event provided a setting which fostered informal discussions, sharing of ideas, and an understanding of the depth of the creative, critical, and theoretical work going in Chicago.”

Felicia Ferrone
Designer and founder of fferrone design

“There are lots of architectural websites and blogs. Most of them, however, are essentially PR outlets for developer projects. With this issue [ABERRATION] MAS Context has become one of the best showcases for innovative architectural work.”

Richard Prouty
Writer and author of One-Way Street