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Aberration Reviewed by Richard Prouty

December 28, 2011

Richard Prouty, author of the blog One-Way street, reviews our Aberration issue. We are really happy to hear that our collaboration with John Szot for this issue has resulted in a great issue.

Mas issue aberration metropol parasol 01

17M in Seville, Spain. © Antonio Rull.

Here are a couple of quotes from Richard's review:

“The 12th issue of the journal MAS Context appears to be its longest and, perhaps not coincidentally, among its strongest issues. The theme is aberration and, as co-editors Iker Gil and John Szot explain, the thirteen features all address the moments when architects and designers “abandon idealistic convention in pursuit of ideas that embrace the irreverence of material reality.”
“There are lots of architectural websites and blogs. Most of them, however, are essentially PR outlets for developer projects. With this issue MAS Context has become one of the best showcases for innovative architectural work.”

To read the full review, please visit One-Way Street.

Thanks so much Richard for taking the time to review the issue and give us your feedback, we really appreciate it!