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Call for submissions: LEGACY

October 20, 2014

The spring issue of MAS Context will focus on the topic of LEGACY.

Mas issue legacy cover opening

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This issue focuses on the people, places, buildings, objects, movies, policies, ideas and any other aspects that have left or will leave a strong mark, positive or negative, on our urban environment. Who are the people whose work and ideas continue to influence the way we think? What are the neighborhoods, towns, and cities whose legacies influence places thousands of miles away? Which are the buildings that have changed our understanding of architecture? What movies helped us understand our built environment in a new and exciting way? In short, we want to showcase those small and groundbreaking aspects that have left a lasting legacy in our lives. And we are not just looking at the past. We look forward, speculating about the future legacies that today’s world will generate.

We are also interested in knowing how these legacies are carried forward, from the formats that are used, to the validity that those legacies may have across generations. Do legacies have an expiration date? Do their relevance and meaning change across time?

Submissions for LEGACY can be in the form of critical essays, photo essays, analytical studies, data visualizations, visual explorations, interviews, films, etc.

For more information about the submission process, visit our submission guidelines.

Please, send your submission to by Monday, December 1, 2014.

25 | LEGACY SPRING 15 will be published in March 2015.