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Communication reviewed by Archidose

October 16, 2012

John Hill, aka Archidose, reviews on his website our summer issue, Communication.

Mas news 2012 communication reviewed by archidose 01

Below we reproduce the paragraph dedicated to MAS Context.

1: MAS Context 14: Communication | MAS Studio | Summer 2012
MAS Context is a quarterly journal created by Chicago’s MAS Studio, led by Editor in Chief Iker Gil. The main idea driving the journal is the multidisciplinary responses to a particular topic for each issue. Those responding to issue 14’s theme of communication include the Center for Urban Pedagogy, Klaus, Sam Jacob, Craighton Berman, Oriol Tarragó, and a bunch of international curators. Respectively they are coming at communication from civic policy, architectural criticism/cartooning, architectural practice, illustration, sound design, and exhibitions; and that’s about half of the issue. Communication is a good balance of text (essays, interviews) and images (illustrations, visual essays) that are well-dispersed throughout the issue to make it a good browse and read. The theme is open-ended enough to invite varied responses from the contributors, but it’s also a topic that is timely, what with more (and faster) means of communication at our disposal than ever before. Consensus is hardly to be expected, but the issue illustrates that what we communicate is as important (if not more so) than how.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts John!

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