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Iker Gil in Arquine 68

July 1, 2014

The new issue of the Mexico City-based magazine Arquine features a brief conversation between MAS Context editor in chief Iker Gil, Ethel Baraona (cofounder of dpr-barcelona, and member of our board of advisors) and Pedro Hernandez (web and digital editor of Arquine, and MAS Context contributor). The conversation took place in Mexico City during the recent Mextropoli Festival organized by the magazine.

Mas news 2014 2014 iker gil in arquine 68 01

Arquine 68. © Iker Gil.

You can read the conversation and check the rest of the issue by purchasing a print copy or downloading it for free for iPad from iTunes (if the link doesn’t work in your country, just search for it on iTunes).

Thanks to Pedro and Ethel for the conversation and Andrea Griborio, Alejandro Hernandez and the rest of the Arquine team for the feature.