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Marina City event featured in Architect magazine

October 3, 2014

The recent collaboration between MAS Context and Luftwerk was featured in Architect magazine last Friday, October 3. Deane Madsen, associate editor for Architect magazine, talked to Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context, for an article called “MAS Context and Luftwerk Light Up Marina City.”

Mas event 2014 luftwerk marina city 03

MAS Context x Luftwerk x Marina City, Chicago, 2014. © David Schalliol.

In the conversation they talked about the origins of the installation that Luftwerk created for Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City, the benefits of these kinds of events, as well as the Inside Marina City exhibition that Iker Gil organized with photographer Andreas E.G. Larsson.

Thanks so much to Deane for the conversation!

Here is the complete article from Architect’s website.