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MAS Context at Spontaneous Interventions

June 10, 2013

Our Public issue has been included in the resource room as part of the Spontaneous Interventions exhibition taking place this summer in Chicago.

Mas news 2013 mas context at spontaneous interventions 01

Public issue of MAS Context at Spontaneous Interventions, Chicago. © Iker Gil.

The room features a comprehensive library of books that provide a historical, political, social, and architectural context for themes explored in the exhibition. There are a full roster of programs planned for the summer, and the reading room will host dozens of talks, workshops, panel discussions, screenings…

Spontaneous Interventions, organized by New York journalist and curator Cathy Lang Ho, is devoted to the growing movement of architects, designers, artists, and everyday citizens acting on their own initiative to bring improvements to the urban realm, creating new opportunities and amenities for the public.

Our Public issue featured contributions by Luis Chillida, Andrew Clark, Lick Fai Eric Ho, Matthew Hoffman, Iker Gil, KARO* with Architektur+Netzwerk, labRAD, Edward Emile Richardson, Rob Smith, Snøhetta, Francine Stock, and David Yoon.

For those of you who can’t check the physical copy, you can always read the complete issue online.