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MAS Context Collaborates with The Post Family

September 8, 2012

We are really excited to announce that our winter issue of MAS Context will be produced in collaboration with The Post Family.

Mas news 2012 mas context collaborates with the post family 01

The Post Family. © Paul Elledge.

Below is the announcement from The Post Family:

Over the past five years, we at The Post Family have been infected with the urge to learn new processes and produce anything and everything we can get our dirty little hands on. As a group of serial self-taught skillists, we have learned and taught production methods ranging from wood working, furniture making, and letterpress to self publishing, book binding and web development. This year we chose to showcase specific methods of top-tier makers, creators and thinkers—whom we respect, are inspired by, and continuously learn a great deal from— in two exhibitions hosted within the walls of our modest home, The Family Room. Our goal while collaborating on this upcoming issue of Mas Context is to conclude our year-long analysis of process and production by not only examining some of the things we know and love, but discuss the motivation and responsibility of the world’s endlessly-growing pool of producers, while examining their place within our modern physical and digital marketplace.

The Post Family was born in 2007 on a beautiful spring day in the small town of Chicago. It’s a resource, gallery, letterpress & screenprinting studio, experimental music venue and a creative incubator awarded and critically applauded by the art and design world. And it’s named after a Christmas card, found mysteriously one day in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Post Family is formed by Rod Hunting, Chad Kouri, David Sieren, Davey Sommers, Sam Rosen, Alex Fuller and Scott Thomas. For more information about The Post Family, please visit: