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MAS Context included in Coverjunkie

July 10, 2011

MAS Context is included in Coverjunkie, a blog that is “a celebration of creative covers & their designers” run by Jaap Biemans.

The website features the covers of WORK (Issue 3), LIVING (Issue 4), AMUSEMENT (Issue 6) and CONFLICT (Issue 10). To celebrate our inclusion in Coverjunkie, below are all the covers published so far in MAS Context and their designers. Thanks Jaap and enjoy!

Mas issue more cover opening

© JNL Graphic Design.

Mas issue events cover opening
Mas issue work cover opening
Mas issue living cover opening
Mas issue energy cover opening

© Mitch Epstein.

Mas issue amusement cover opening

© Yosigo.

Mas issue information cover opening

© Jack Henrie Fisher and Andrew Clark.

Mas issue public cover opening
Mas issue network cover opening
Mas issue conflict cover opening