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Proofs for Boundary and Improbable

July 26, 2013

MAS Context explores new ways of printing hard copies of the journal.

Mas news 2013 proofs for boundary and improbable 02

© Iker Gil.

For quite some time we have been trying to figure out how to do a limited run of hard copies of our issues with a local printer instead of using a print-on-demand service. There were two reasons for it: the first one is that we wanted to control the quality of the paper and printing, make sure that the experience of holding a copy of MAS Context was the best we could using the resources that we had. The second reason was to print more copies of each issue. All of our hard copies go to our contributors as a way to thank them for their participation but the cost of each copy makes it prohibitive to print more for the general public, a.k.a. you. Good news is that we are finally going to be able to do that limited run of hard copies.

The two pictures above (sorry for their questionable quality, just quick phone pics) show the proofs for the Boundary and Improbable issues that we got from the local printer that we are using, Graphic Arts Studio, Inc. We are really happy with the result and I think it will be a big improvement from our previous hard copies (the covers by Larry Mayorga and Stéphane Massa-Bidal look great with the new paper). We will be making 100 copies of each issue, each one numbered. As we have done until now, we will be sending a complimentary copy to each contributor, but this time, we will also have a limited amount of them available for purchase in our events.

Copies of the Boundary and Improbable issues are expected in early August and they will shipped to each one of our contributors right away. Hope you all like them.

Mas news 2013 proofs for boundary and improbable 01

© Iker Gil.