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Public Services by Outpost Office to remain in Logroño

May 7, 2024

Public Services, the installation by Outpost Office for Concéntrico and supported by MAS Context, to remain in Logroño, Spain, after the closure of the festival.

Mas event 2024 public utilities proposal 15

Public Utilities, Concéntrico 10, Logroño, 2024. © Laurian Ghinitoiu.

Concéntrico and the Logroño City Council have agreed to cede several of the interventions to the city in order to give continuity to the objectives of the projects and contribute to an improvement of public spaces. Four proposals, strategically located in different parts of Logroño, will prolong their presence:

  • Public Services by Outpost Office used the project to rethink the ordinary use of the Plaza 1º de Mayo and two schools by drawing on the playgrounds and public space with GPS-controlled robots.
  • Poplar Assembly by the Valencia architect Javier Garcia, whose project has received a unanimous positive response, proposes the renaturalization of the Plaza de la Diversidad and will remain for at least another month to evaluate how to design this environment.
  • Basic Forms (of urban life) by the Finnish urban design studio RaivioBumann becomes a permanent fixture of the Rafael Azcona Library in the Madre de Dios neighborhood to occupy the square in front of it that was made pedestrian.
  • Mikado Flowers by designer Malte Martín becomes a new landmark in the Felipe VI Park at the intermodal train and bus station.