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The Graham Foundation supports David Schalliol’s book Social Landscapes

May 26, 2021

The Graham Foundation has announced the 2021 grants to individuals. Among them, David Schalliol’s book Social Landscapes that MAS Context will be publishing.

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In Logan Square, Chicago, 2020. © David Schalliol.

Drawing from two decades of globe-spanning photographic projects, the book Social Landscapes articulates a visual sociological perspective on the evolving but central role of place in contemporary life. Fundamental to Schalliol’s approach is highlighting the tangible consequences of amorphous structural forces and emphasizing the small- and large-scale actors that mediate and define them. The book does so in four distinct sections—The Physical Form of Change; The Landscape of Shifting Production; Displacement by Policy; and Environmental Threat and Adaptation—each of which is anchored by two major projects in dialogue with photographs from around the world. Through this approach, Social Landscapes investigates the connections between such phenomena as how inequality manifests in the vernacular architecture of the Midwestern United States and how social and environmental changes interplay to radically reshape Japan’s Tōhoku coast.

The book will include essays by photographer Dawoud Bey, Muriel Enjalran, and Saskia Sassen. The book will be designed by Renata Graw of Normal.

For a complete list of the 2021 Graham Foundation grantees, please visit their website.

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