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Alejandro Hernández Hernández


Alejandro Hernández Hernández is an architect and editor. He has participated in several competitions, including the rehab of the Zócalo (finalist), the recovery of the Archivo General de la Nación (first prize), and the master plan for La Merced in Mexico City(third prize). He is the coauthor of the book 100x100 Arquitectos del siglo XX en México and the author of Sombrillas, sombreros, sombras (de los principios de la arquitectura). He has written for several newspapers and magazines, and is the editor in chief of Arquine.


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Seeking Zohn

Text by curators Mimi Zeiger and Tony Macarena (Lorena Canales and Alejandro Olávarri) as well as Alejandro Hernández Gálvez