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Fabien Cappello


Fabien Cappello is a furniture and product designer. He studied at the University of Art and Design (ECAL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in 2009 obtained a Master’s degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art of London under the tutelage of Martino Gamper and Jurgen Bey. Based in Mexico City from 2015 to 2020, Estudio Fabien Cappello is currently located in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The design studio’s work is part of the permanent collection of SFMOMA, The Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, and the National Centre for the Arts (CNAP) in Paris. Cappello’s works share a high consideration for both craft techniques and industrial production, reflecting design through people and their interactions with space, environment and material culture.


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Seeking Zohn

Text by curators Mimi Zeiger and Tony Macarena (Lorena Canales and Alejandro Olávarri) as well as Alejandro Hernández Gálvez