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Felipe Chaimovich


Felipe Chaimovich is the curator of the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo. He was the curator of 29º Panorama da Arte Brasileira (MAM-SP, 2005), “Ecológica” (MAM-SP, 2010) and the MAM Festival of Gardens in Ibirapuera (2010). He is the author of several books and articles including Iran do Espírito Santo (São Paulo: Cosac e Naify, 2000) and “Objects or Reflexion: Brazilian cultural situation,” in On Cultural Influence (New York: Apexart, 2006).


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Communicating Through Exhibitions

Our questionnaire to Ariadna Cantis, Elias Redstone, Felipe Chaimovich, Michael Kubo, Mirko Zardini, Pedro Gadanho, Vladimir Belogolovsky, and Zoë Ryan.