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Léopold Lambert


Léopold Lambert is an architect who has been successively a Parisian, a Hong Konger, a Mumbaikar and a New Yorker. In addition of his enthusiasm for design, he is the writer/editor of The Funambulist, an online platform approaching the politics of the build environment through philosophy, legal theory, literature and cinema. He is the author of Weaponized Architecture: The Impossibility of Innocence (dpr-barcelona 2012) that examines (and acts on) the inherent characteristics of architecture that systematically makes it a political weapon. He is currently publishing the twelve first volumes of The Funambulist Pamphlets and the first volume of The Funambulist Papers with Punctum Books through the CTM Documents Initiative. He is also the coordinator/editor of Archipelago, an online archive of inter-disciplinary podcasts that will start in January 2014.


Mas observations 2018 in context leopold lambert 01


In Context: Léopold Lambert

Léopold Lambert recontextualizes the MAS Context archives

Mas issue narrative lost in the line cover

Graphic Novel

Lost in the Line

Graphic Novel by Léopold Lambert

Mas issue narrative labyrinths and metaphysical constructions 01


Labyrinths and Metaphysical Constructions: An Interview with Marc-Antonie Mathieu

Léopold Lambert interviews graphic novelist Marc-Antoine Mathieu