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Vladimir Belogolovsky


Vladimir Belogolovsky is an American curator and critic. Educated both in Ukraine and the US, he graduated from The Cooper Union School of Architecture in 1996 and since 2010 has been heading his New York-based nonprofit Curatorial Project, which focuses on curating and designing architectural exhibitions worldwide. Belogolovsky has interviewed more than 500 international architects and writes for ArchDaily, Arquitectura Viva, AZURE, and STIRworld. His books include Harry Seidler: Lifework, China Dialogues, Imagine Buildings Floating Like Clouds, Architectural Guides New York and Chicago, Conversations with Architects, and Soviet Modernism: 1955-1985. He has curated and produced over 50 international exhibitions. In addition to his decade-long Seidler tour, he curated the Architects’ Voices Series, Emilio Ambasz retrospective, and Chess Game exhibition for the Russian Pavilion at the 2008 11th Venice Architecture Biennale. He taught design studio at Tsinghua University in Beijing in 2018-19 and has lectured at universities and museums in more than thirty countries.


Mas issue communication through exhibitions 05


Communicating Through Exhibitions

Our questionnaire to Ariadna Cantis, Elias Redstone, Felipe Chaimovich, Michael Kubo, Mirko Zardini, Pedro Gadanho, Vladimir Belogolovsky, and Zoë Ryan.

Mas issue aberration game of ornaments 01


Game of Ornaments

Vladimir Belogolovsky interviews Jürgen Mayer H.

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Changes are Coming

Vladimir Belogolovsky, architect and founder of the Intercontinental Curational Project, interviews architect and educator Peter Eisenman