MAS Context Fall Talks 2021

Medium Matters: Architectural Representation After Construction

October 14, 2021 at 6PM

Lecture by designers Tami Banh and Galen Pardee, and architects Lydia Kallipoliti and Joshua G. Stein.


Medium Matters: Architectural Representation After Construction

The discipline of architecture is once again being asked to confront our role in the world beyond form-making and aesthetics, at a scale much larger than a single structure. Each in their own way, the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing ravages of climate change, and ongoing struggles for social justice have challenged the existing assumptions and paradigms of the built environment. Such solutions as exist to these problems may be beyond solely architectural responses, however, what if architects were to re-engage the world as educators and activists instead? How might an architect’s perspective on the histories and futures of our cities and buildings aid public and institutional knowledge? How might the “hidden” aspects of material supply chains, urban infrastructure, anthropocene ecosystems, and building culture be revealed through architectural representation techniques?

Medium Matters asks a diverse group of educators, researchers, and practitioners to reflect upon ways in which architectural media—drawings, video, diagrams, models, public scholarship—can be brought to bear on the past, present, and future roles of designers.

This event is related to the exhibition Territories of Territory Extraction that was on display at the Reading Room at MAS Context between September 17 and October 30, 2021.

Mas event 2021 medium matters 01

Punggol stockpile. © Galen Pardee.

Mas event 2021 medium matters 02

Tuas mega port, Singapore. © Galen Pardee.