MAS Context Spring Talks 2023

Design With Company: Spaces With Stories

May 16, 2023 at 6PM

Lecture by Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer of Design With Company. The lecture took place at the Society of Architectural Historians.


The work of Design With Company focuses on how literature and architecture intersect through fiction, character, type, or metaphor and how these themes can translate into installations, speculative urban scenarios, temporary pavilions, and designs for buildings. The work has earned awards such as the Architectural Record Design Vanguard award and the Young Architects Forum award and has been featured in exhibitions such as the Chicago Architecture Biennial and Design Miami, as well as at the V&A and Tate Modern in London. His writings can be found in the co-authored book Misguided Tactics for Propriety Calibration (Graham Foundation, 2015), as well as essays in MONU magazine, the AIA journal Manifest, Log, and bracket, and the guest-edited issue of MAS Context on the topic of character in architecture.

Design With Company’s Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer discussed their approach to space—the design of its reception. Through a series of projects, including their installation for Concéntrico 09, and video productions for Youtube, they shared what they have learned about the importance of storytelling to engage the public.

Thanks to the Society of Architectural Historians for hosting this program.

Mas event 2023 spaces with stories 02

Porch Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2015. © Design With Company.

Mas event 2023 spaces with stories 01

Shaw Town, Lake Forest, 2015. © Design With Company.


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