Issue 17


Graphic design by Plural
Cover by Larry Mayorga

We all set our personal and physical boundaries. They are important to keep us running as well as sane. Other boundaries, established by people, countries or nature are used to define edges, separate two entities, and interrupt natural flows such as human migrations and ecosystems. Natural and artificial boundaries exist and will continue to do so in one way or another. Is it possible, then, to rethink what a boundary is, what its potential in our society can be, and if we even need them?

Mas issue boundary cover opening
Mas issue boundary cover opening

Dismantling boundaries

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

Mas issue boundary bowled over 01

Bowled Over

A poem by Jason Pickleman

Mas issue boundary the lost border 01

The Lost Border

Photo Essay by photographer Brian Rose

Mas issue boundary the segregation paradoxes 01

The Segregation Paradoxes

Essay by Carl H. Nightingale

Mas issue boundary within and without 01

Within and Without

Short essay by Noël Ashby

Mas issue boundary the arsenal of inclusion and exclusion 01

The Arsenal of Inclusion and Exclusion

Project by Interboro Partners

Mas issue boundary life on the line 01

Life on the Line at Derby Line, Vermont

Essay by the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)

Mas issue boundary ferry land 01

Ferry Land

Short essay by Teaque Lenahan

Mas issue boundary walking the blue line 01

Walking the Blue Line

Project by Paola Aguirre and Dennis Milam

Mas issue boundary thickening the unthickable 01

Thickening the ‘Unthickable’

Essay by Yorgos Rimenidis

Mas issue boundary the potential of nothing 01

The Potential of Nothing

Short essay by Lawrence Abrahamson

Mas issue boundary territories of practice 01

Territories of Practice: Kimisagara Community Center, Rwanda

Text, images, and drawings by Killian Doherty

Mas issue boundary the ready to go club 01

The Ready-To-Go Club

Short essay by Meredith Ludwig

Mas issue boundary eccentricity 02


Essay by architect Odile Compagnon

Mas issue boundary alaska mario john waters 01

Alaska vs Mario vs John Waters vs Boundary

A conversation between Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo