Issue 5


Graphic design by Iker Gil
Cover by Mitch Epstein

Energy. It’s what gets us from here to there. Out of bed, to the moon, across town, to the core of the issue. It hurries the pace of civilization, and it’s positing the planet with problems of a shape and scope never before seen. Or dealt with. It takes energy to deal. And here’s the real deal: energy is power.

Mas issue energy cover opening
Mas issue energy cover opening

Entering the Second Year with more Energy

Issue introduction by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

Mas issue energy as american as power 01

(As) American (As) Power

Iker Gil and Andrew Clark interview photographer Mitch Epstein, author of American Power

Mas issue energy farming the air 01

Farming the Air

MAS Context collects facts about wind power

Mas issue energy material energies 01

Material Energies

Julia Sedlock interviews Sean Lally

Mas issue energy staged energy 01

Staged Energy

Photographers Chris Martin and Cesar Russ capture the exuberance of being on stage

Mas issue energy power move 01

Power Move

Iker Gil interviews Elizabeth Redmond, founder and president of POWERleap

Mas issue energy lanai networks 01

Lanai Networks

Landscape architect Marcel Wilson explains the history, challenges and opportunities that Lanai Island in Hawaii is facing

Mas issue energy prelinger archives 01

Prelinger Archives

Films from the Prelinger Archives showing the type of energy and ideals that the United States had during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s

Mas issue energy ecoboulevard vallecas 01

Case Study #1: Ecoboulevard Vallecas

Project by Ecosistema Urbano

Mas issue energy public farm 1 01

Case Study #2: Public Farm 1

Project by WORK Architecture Company

Mas issue energy photovoltaic canopy 01

Case Study #3: Photovoltaic Canopy

Project by Martinez Lapeña-Torres Arquitectos

Mas issue energy powerplant 01

Case Study #4: Powerplant

Project by realities:united