Issue 19


Graphic design by Plural
Cover by John Pobojewski

This issue explores physical remnants and selective memories, tangible and intangible reminders of a past that influence our present and future. At the same time, it discusses the traces that we continue to leave, both physical and digitally, and how those will affect us in the future. What are the consequences and opportunities that can emerge from the new traces we create? Who benefits from the generation of new traces? Which traces should we embrace and which ones should we dismiss or even fight against? Is ignoring all traces the only way to truly move forward and foster radical changes?

Mas issue trace cover opening
Mas issue trace cover opening

Reinterpreting our Traces

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

Mas issue trace letters to the editor 01

Letters to the editor

On our Boundary issue

Mas issue trace a year on the road with venue 01

A Year on the Road with Venue

Iker Gil interviews Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley, directors of Venue

Mas issue trace reading the ephemera of caithness 01

Reading the Ephemera of Caithness

Essay by Dimitra Ntzani and John Barber

Mas issue trace river ending 01

River Ending

Photographs by Sreedeep with an intro text by Kamalini Mukherjee

Mas issue trace kowloon walled city 03

Kowloon Walled City: Heterotopia in a Space of Disappearance

Essay by Matthew Hung with photography by Greg Girard

Mas issue trace embracing idiosyncratic weirdness 01

Embracing Idiosyncratic Weirdness

Iker Gil and Andrew Clark interview Moby

Mas issue trace tracing intentions 01

Tracing Intentions: The Photography of Frank Thiel

Essay by Krishna Bharathi with photography by Frank Thiel

Mas issue trace ruined and neglected 01

Ruined and Neglected

Essay by Ljubica Slavković

Mas issue trace elliston 01

Elliston, Newfoundland

Text and photographs by Lisa Hirmer

Mas issue trace american postmodern 01

American Postmodern

Essay by Jayne Kelley

Mas issue trace personal monuments 08

Personal Monuments

Text and Illustrations by John Pobojewski

Mas issue trace 24 COA 01

24COA: A Visual Score

Project developed as part of the Pen & Bow workshop at Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture led by Andrew Ruff. Visual score interpreted by ETHEL.

Mas issue trace true love leaves no traces 01

True Love Leaves No Traces

Essay by Daniel Luis Martinez

Mas issue trace tracing wright 01

Tracing Wright

A conversation between Richard Wright, Zoë Ryan, and Iker Gil

Mas issue trace dizzy 01


Project by Charlie O’Geen and Frank Fantauzzi. Text by Phreddy Wischusen

Mas issue trace nightworks 04


Project by Dennis Maher

Mas issue trace petrified traces 02

Petrified Traces

Text and images by Michael Hirschbichler

Mas issue trace residential archaeology 09

Residential Archaeology

Text and diagrams by Juan Carlos Tello