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MAS Context 2023 Fall Talks


We are happy to share the events of our MAS Context 2023 Fall Talks series. This series features two exhibitions, in-person and online lectures on remarkable practices and practitioners, book launches, the second edition of the Now / Arriving series, and a new edition of our Tracing / Traces series at The Art Institute of Chicago.

Mas event 2023 there is room 06

There is Room, MAS Context Reading Room, Chicago, 2023. © Dan Kelleghan Photography. Courtesy of MAS Context.

August 15-October 14 – (INFO)
Exhibition by Kwong Von Glinow
“There is Room”

Tuesday, September 12 – (INFO)
Lecture by Kwong Von Glinow
“There is Room”

Tuesday, September 26 – (INFO+RSVP)
Lecture by John Szot with response by Jonathan Solomon
“Roman Mixtapes”

Saturday, September 30 – (INFO+RSVP)
Presentations by Kwong Von Glinow and Volume Gallery
“Building Enjoyable Living Environments Through Architecture, Art, and Design”

Thursday, October 5 – (INFO COMING SOON)
Presentations by CAMESgibson, UrbanLab, and Vladimir Radutny Architects
“Now / Arriving Fall 2023”

Wednesday, October 11 – (INFO+RSVP)
Lecture by BeAr and HANGHAR
“Contemporary Spanish Architecture Practices: BeAr and HANGHAR”

Saturday, October 21 – (INFO+RSVP)
Presentations by Catherine Baker, Stuart Cohen, Alberto Ortega Trejo, Jennifer Park, and Jonathan Solomon

“Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2023”

Saturday, October 21 – (INFO+RSVP)
Presentations by Derek Hoeferlin and Kotchakorn Voraakhom

“Watershed Architecture”

October 26–January 13 – (INFO)
Exhibition curated by Noemí Blager with films by Tapio Snellman
“A Lot With Little”

Tuesday, October 26 – (INFO+RSVP)
Opening event featuring a conversation with Noemí Blager

“A Lot With Little Opening ”

All the talks are open to the public. MAS Context is supported in part by private donations. For information about how to support MAS Context, please visit: