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New Hard Copies of MAS Context

August 17, 2013

We have received the hard copies of our Boundary (Spring 2013) and Improbable (Summer 2013) issues and we are thrilled with the result.

They have been printed by Graphic Arts Studio, a local printing company based in Barrington, Illinois, using their HP Indigo 7600. We love the size of the issues (notice the size of the spine), the feel of the thick paper, and how it soaks the ink.

Both issues have a really limited run of 100 copies each, all of them numbered. Early this week we sent copies to our contributors and supporters, and the rest of the copies will be available in future events we produce or take part in. We are also exploring how to make them available through our website, but still working on that.

Below some pictures of the new hard copies.

Mas shop boundary cover 01
Mas issue trace letters to the editor 01

Boundary issue. © MAS Context.

Mas shop improbable cover 01
Mas news 2013 new hard copies 01

Improbable issue. © MAS Context.