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Klaus (Klaustoon) is an architectural cartoonist active since the early 2000s. Focused on the critique of the starchitectural system, the revision of the radical visions of the 1960s and 1970s, and the reinterpretation of iconic architectural imagery, both within the discipline and the media, his cartoons have been published in magazines such as Aequus, Architectural Design, Architectural Review, Arq, Arq’a, eVolo, Clog, Conditions, Harvard Design Magazine, InForma, MAS Context, STUDIO, The New City Reader, PRAXIS, Project International, and Volume, with regular contributions to Uncube (2013–16), A10 (2014–16), and Arquine (2013–today), where he writes and illustrates the section ArquiNoir. In his spare time, he is also Luis Miguel [Koldo] Lus Arana.