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Marita Gomis


Marita Gomis, along with her five siblings, is the owner of Casa Gomis, one of the key midcentury buildings in Spain and the house she grew up in. Commissioned by Ricardo Gomis and Inés Bertrand, it was designed by Antonio Bonet Castellana and completed in 1963. A haven for artistic experimentation, the house hosted many cultural activities and continues to be a must-see destination for architecture students and professionals from around the world. Marita and the rest of the Gomis Bertrand family has diligently preserved it in its original state with the help of local architects Fernando Álvarez and Jordi Roig.


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Memories of La Ricarda: The Gomis Bertrand and Bonet Families Reflect on a Historic House

The Gomis Bertrand family and Victoria Bonet, daughter of the architect Antonio Bonet Castellana, share their memories about the Casa Gomis