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Umi is a 6-year-old mackerel-print tabby born in southern Ontario. Her name means “sea” in Japanese, “life” in Swahili, and “mother” in Arabic, foreshadowing a move with her family to the Pacific Northwest to start a new life by the ocean. Umi loves butter, croissants, cheese, and tuna (both canned and on sushi). Whenever anything new enters her home, she insists on giving it a thorough inspection. Cautious but curious around new people, Umi greets most new visitors with her white-gloved paws at the ready, hopeful they will have brought a tube of Churu.


Mas observations 2024 the birds the couple and my doppelganger in reverse 01


The Birds, the Couple, and My Doppelgänger in Reverse

Text by Umi the Cat and project by Imu Chan Architecture