MAS Context Spring Talks 2017

Darren Bradley: Canberra’s Modernist Soul

June 21, 2017 at 6PM

Lecture by photographer Darren Bradley on Canberra’s modernist architecture. The event took place at the Charnley-Persky House, home of the Society of Architectural Historians.


Canberra’s Modernist Soul

Photographer Darren Bradley documents superbly and relentlessly midcentury architecture and other celebrated architectural buildings around the world, from San Diego to Canberra, a city he has visited regularly for the last six years. Canberra has a large stock of mid-century modern housing, something that reminds Darren of Palm Springs, as well as many civic, commercial, and religious midcentury modern or late modern buildings.

During his presentation, Darren focused on the modernist architecture of Canberra, discussing a series of buildings designed by some of Australia’s best architects of the time and other hidden gems that have shaped the identity of the city.

Video shot and edited by Morgan Jackson of Lucid Creative Agency.

Thanks to the Society of Architectural Historians for hosting the event.