June 4, 2012

The city where we grow up, work in, or travel to is different for each one of us. The experiences we have, the people we know or meet, and many other small aspects will define our memories of that city. Through a series of drawings and notes, designer and editorial design consultant Luis Mendo provides us his personal vision of Tokyo, its people and the environment that defines each one of them.


Mas issue communication tokyoites 01

© Luis Mendo.

Mas issue communication tokyoites 02

© Luis Mendo.

Yoshi (35)

Born in Kyoto
Lives in Yutenji
Works as a magazine editor

Always waits several seconds before answering
Tends to look thoughtful
When smiling, he does it as if he was extremely happy
Elegant immaculate shirts
Earring on his left ear, a small stone and silver
Has a black leather bag with gear

Likes this view when waiting for his train

Mas issue communication tokyoites 03

© Luis Mendo.

Mas issue communication tokyoites 04

© Luis Mendo.

Tetsuro (28)

Born in Meguro
Lives in Meguro
Works as a cook in Tonki

Wears white outfit while at work
Got his NY Yankees cap from an uncle in the US
Nods in almost every sentence
Never looks people in the eye, extremely shy

Walks under this bridge every Sunday morning when visiting his parents in Shibuya

Mas issue communication tokyoites 05

© Luis Mendo.

Mas issue communication tokyoites 06

© Luis Mendo.

Tako (29)

Works as waiter in Narita
Born in Osaka
Lives in Yokohama

Old hat from American Vintage shop in Harajuku
Loves his iPhone
Tweets and instagrams incessantly
Slow on the hand movements

This is the house of his girlfriend in Shibuya where he often sleeps over

Mas issue communication tokyoites 07

© Luis Mendo.

Mas issue communication tokyoites 08

© Luis Mendo.

Natsuki (37)

Home keeper
Born in Kyoto
Lives in Yoyogi

Large, colorful clothes
Prefers wide skirts and low shoes
Smiles when talking about personal problems
Smokes only Marlboro
Thinks about traveling all the time
Loved Kentucky’s slow life

The garage of the building where she lives

Mas issue communication tokyoites 09

© Luis Mendo.

Mas issue communication tokyoites 10

© Luis Mendo.

Kaori (33)

Works as a sales director at a fashion company
Born in Tokyo
Lives in Aoyama

Always wears black
Shows her long, stylistic neck when possible
Looks people in the eye when talking to them
Likes to tap the table with her pen when on the phone
She loves the smell of red roses while sipping white wine

The back side of her apartment building

Mas issue communication tokyoites 11

© Luis Mendo.

Mas issue communication tokyoites 12

© Luis Mendo.

Saburo (41)

Homeless for 3 years now
Born in Takanodababa
Lives in the streets

Dresses in whatever he finds
His blue plastic “house” is in Shibuya
Likes spring and its flowers
Wears an Armani jacket an executive once gave him
He keeps a photo of his dead wife in the left inside pocket
Is good at remembering faces
Tells his story to anyone who would listen

Likes to find photo shootings in Daikanyama

Mas issue communication tokyoites 13

© Luis Mendo.

Mas issue communication tokyoites 14

© Luis Mendo.

Mariko (27)

Born in Hokkaido
Lives in Nakano
Works as a secretary in an art academy

Always wears white
Has several allergies hence the mask
Her favorite TV program is on Sunday
She was once in Paris and fell in love with the tour guide
Speaks softly and laughs covering her teeth
Loves potato sochu with ginger ale

This is the new terrace on the top of the school building

Mas issue communication tokyoites 15

© Luis Mendo.

Mas issue communication tokyoites 16

© Luis Mendo.

Tadao (26)

Born in Tokyo
Lives in Adachi
Interns as sommelier for a wine import firm

He’s worn his hair up since he was 19
In love with his retro Casio digital watch
Sparkling eyes when talking about wine and France
Hates the smell of ammonia and cigarettes
Always wears jeans with white shoes
He crosses the city by mountain bike wearing a helmet

The view from his bathroom window