Issue 2


Graphic design by Andrew Clark
Cover by Jacob Chartoff

Events is the second issue of MAS Context. This issue explores how events of different nature and magnitude affect, transform and reshape the cities that host them. Events interviews designers, showcases cities, captures history, and proposes a design biennial.

Mas issue events cover opening
Mas issue events global events cover

Global Events?

MAS Context diagrams global events

Mas issue events embt goes east 01

EMBT Goes East

Mateu Baylina and Xavi Ayala interview Benedetta Tagliabue

Mas issue events designing venues 01

Designing Venues

Iker Gil interviews Doug Garofalo

Mas issue events in good we trust 01

In Good We Trust

John Hickenlooper and Bruce Mau present the Denver Biennial of the Americas

Mas issue events bauhaus 2009 05

Bauhaus 2009

Red Mike interviews Marcus Max Schreiner

Mas issue events yes we can 06

Yes We Can

Photographer Cesar Russ documents the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States

Mas issue events cdf 2011 17

CDF 2011 proposal

Architects Sharon Haar and Iker Gil propose the first Chicago Design Festival