Issue 26-25


Graphic design by Iker Gil and Bud Rodecker
Cover by Tom Harris

Welcome to our Legacy issue. This issue focuses on the buildings, places, books, ideas, and proposals that have left or will leave a strong mark on our urban environment. Which are the buildings and proposals that have influenced our understanding and approach to architecture? What can we learn from those that are no longer standing? How are these legacies carried forward, from the formats that are used to the validity that those legacies may have across generations? We will showcase those small and groundbreaking aspects that have left a lasting legacy in our lives. And we are not just looking at the past. We look forward, speculating about the future legacies that today’s world will generate.

Mas issue legacy cover opening
Mas issue legacy cover opening

Building and Demolishing Legacies

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

Mas issue legacy heritage is ineffable 01

Heritage is Ineffable

Essay by Geoff Goldberg

Mas issue legacy urban matrix 01

Urban Matrix

Project by Stanley Tigerman

Mas issue legacy filter island 01

Filter Island

Project by Urbanlab

Mas issue legacy the big shift 01

The Big Shift

Project by PORT Urbanism

Mas issue legacy all history is contemporary history 07

All History is Contemporary History

Iker Gil interviews Adrian Shaughnessy

Mas issue legacy building legacies cover

Building Legacies

Diagrams by Jacob Chartoff

Mas issue legacy the parkway 01

The Parkway: A Curated Legacy

Essay by Aisling O’Carroll

Mas issue legacy the future of neglect 01

The Future of Neglect

Essay by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss

Mas issue legacy new deal utopias 01

New Deal Utopias

Text and photographs by Jason Reblando

Mas issue legacy wallpaper 01


Essay by Andrea Dietz

Mas issue legacy the lehman invisible monument 01

The Lehman Invisible Monument

Essay by Fabrizio Gallanti

Mas issue legacy the short life and long history of the pagoda 01

The Short Life and Long History of The Pagoda

Essay by Carlos Copertone and Patxi Eguiluz

Mas issue legacy never loved buildings rarely stand a chance 04

Never-Loved Buildings Rarely Stand a Chance: Josep Lluís Sert in Cambridge

Essay by Alexandra Lange with photographs by Lee Dykxhoorn

Mas issue legacy when the future was here 01

When the Future Was Here

Essay by Paola Aguirre and Michelle Ha Tucker with photographs by David Schalliol