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April 6, 2009

We asked several people working in different fields to give us their definition of the concept of More. 35 responses came back.


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More is the essence of a good work……more options………more optimism…………more fun.
Will Alsop, Architect


Hay un punto de motivación inherente a la persona humana que busca el progreso. El progreso significa que, cada día, MÁS avances tecnológicos e ideas innovadoras llegan a MÁS gente. Y para ello los conceptos actuales, se analizan una vez MÁS para lograr mejoras. En estos tiempos, nos hemos dado cuenta que en ese análisis de las ideas y tecnologías actuales se debe incorporar el concepto de que una mejora que no es sostenible en el tiempo no es una mejora. Aquellas innovaciones que a corto plazo proporcionan una solución válida mientras que crean un problema mayor para el futuro NO son progreso. Solamente aquellas que se basan en un desarrollo sostenible se pueden considerar una mejora desde un punto de vista global. MÁS sostenibilidad, MÁS innovación, MÁS mejoras, MÁS ideas y conceptos novedosos.

Alberto Ansorena, Engineer

More is never enough.
Pedro Pablo Arroyo, Architect

MÁS es el valor añadido, lo que marca la diferencia , lo que nos hace elegir y mover.
Xavi Ayala, Architecture student

More is the future. There’s always More.
Mateu Baylina, Architect

More AND Less; Less more than naught; More less than most.
Lynn Becker, Architecture critic

MORE is a barometer of progress–it’s a means of relating what we create or discover to what previously existed or what was already known.
Ken Byron, Scientist

More with less!
Less is more?
More is less!
More with less
More with light
More dreamy
More freedom
Alberto Campo Baeza, Architect

MORE is how we got into this mess; it is also the answer to getting out.
Jacob Chartoff, Designer

More rhythm.

The more conscious we are of the rhythms we create, the more we understand our effect on the world. I see rhythm as anything that generates vibration, or a fluctuation in time. We experience rhythms at different frequencies, different intervals, different volumes, and with varying amounts of reverb. They bounce off one another, redirect, and mesh into new rhythms. A study was recently conducted where sounds in a typical household were recorded and analyzed. They found that every sound or vibration we hear is in a major or minor key. How do we tune ourselves and our environments around us? Can we intuitively tune these rhythms or do they tune us? Do all the answers lie within the rhythm of our breath? Buddhist monks spend lifetimes focusing on this one thing. The more we investigate these rhythms, the more we can affect the world.
Ryan Clark, Musician

More is the essence of real estate development – that is why we need planning.
Jon DeVries, University Program Director

Quiero ser: Más real, Más auténtico, Más poético, Más libre, Más amoroso, Más cálido, Más sabroso, Más diverso, Más sobrio, Más polifacético.

Quiero dar: Más mundo, Más energía, Más color, Más espontaneidad, Más sabor a la vida, Más contraste.

Espero que haya: Más conocimiento, Más humanidad, Más tecnología, Más investigación, Más estudio, Más planeamiento, Más ciudad, Más encuentros, Mas reuniones, Mas recreo, Más interacción.
Rodrigo Díaz, Architect

Mo:re is modernism remixed.
More DoCoMoMo, more public culture and more FOOD.
Andrew Dribin, Designer

MORE disciplines involved in design. MORE is the opposite of SILOS. MORE is comprehensive, collaborate teams coming together to solve the complex problems we face in this century.
Philip Enquist, Urban Designer

MORE describes a process whereby plausible thoughts and intuitions are continuously projected, sometimes in contradictory ways relative to previous ones, but always aimed at creating new scenarios and configurations.
—Doug Garofalo, Architect

More research, more design, more conversation, and most of it, more fun.
Iker Gil, Architect

“Women are more reasonable…” Jean Luc Godard
Thomas Girard, Art Director

Adam Goss, Filmmaker

More (and more varieties of) public spaces for architectural exhibition.
Sharon Haar, Architect

Yes is More.
Bjarke Ingels, Architect

MORE is an aspiration in action.
Wanting MORE. Creating MORE. Doing MORE. It’s a constructive addition to what you already have. At least it should be.
Jessica Lybeck, Designer

MORE is a four letter word.
Less is not more; just enough is more.
Now more than ever, ‘more’ has come to convey indulgence, quantity, and embellishment beyond necessity…it is unaffordable.
Joe Marianek, Graphic Designer

MORE is loud.
Julie Michiels, Designer

Digital media envelopes our daily lives, becoming more and more readily available and incorporated into architectural space, but has this integration enhanced society’s understanding of architectural space?

Can ABSENT ARCHITECTURE (digital video representation of architecture) bring awareness to both the profession and a broader audience leading to increased perceptions of the value of the designed environment?

Architecture IN MOTION is MORE.
Red Mike, Filmmaker

MORE is neither positive nor negative; rather it is a neutral adjective that addresses relative quantity. Its enhanced meaning and value as a concept, beyond the quantitative, derives from that with which it is associated (such as: more of something positive or more of something negative).
Steve Montgomery, Architect

MORE is the time I keep using, every day, using it up more and more and at the end of a day I sleep (for a time) and wake and do it again, working, thinking, drinking, loving, aging, every day becoming older, becoming wiser, er, er, er, and it’s this wisdom that hints to me there’s more of this to come, more time, but it’s indefinite, this wisdom, this amount of time and when I awake tomorrow, I’d like it to be a more specific.
Paul Mougey, Writer

more, more, more…
no more!
We have enough.
We need to learn to use what we have more effectively.
John Nelson, Architect

“Less is More” Mies van der Rohe.
María Ochoa, Architect

Jason Pickleman, Graphic Designer

MORE is innovation.
—Ana Ramírez, Translator

MORE is what we want.
I want MORE.
Lara Rivero, Architect

MORE (sometimes) is less.
Jesús Rodríguez, Engineer

No + sectorismo creativo. No + separación entre arte y vida. No + fracturas.

+ emociones + satisfacción + fuentes de energía creativa + experiencias interdisciplinarias + búsqueda + transmisión del aprendizaje adquirido + provocación + trabajo + experimentación + pensadores en movimiento + filosofía en tránsito + significado + revolución + pasión por las ideas + espacio para pensar.
Beatriz Roncero, Creative Partner

Karla Sierralta & Brian Strawn, Architects

MORE time!
—Brian Weatherford, Architect