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MAS Context


MAS Context is a nonprofit organization that addresses issues that affect the urban context. Each publication delivers a comprehensive view of a single topic through the active participation of people from different fields and different perspectives who, together, instigate the debate. Besides its publications, MAS Context organizes a series of public lectures and events throughout the year.


Mas issue surveillance in the news 01


Surveillance in the News

A selection of quotes on surveillance from the news.

Mas issue production your favorite objects 01


Your Favorite Objects

Here are your favorite objects, the ones you can’t live without, the ones you use to produce whatever you produce, the ones with the most sentimental value or the ones with the best stories.

Mas issue public what is your favorite public space 01


What is Your Favorite Public Space?

We asked you, our public, about your favorite public space

Mas issue information the architecture of information 01


The Architecture of Information

Information compiled by MAS Context

Mas issue amusement what amuses you 01


What Amuses You?

Your responses to the question by MAS Context

Mas issue energy farming the air 01


Farming the Air

MAS Context collects facts about wind power

Mas issue living facts 01


Living Facts

MAS Context selects facts and numbers about the way we live around the world.

Mas issue events global events cover


Global Events?

MAS Context diagrams global events

Mas issue more want more 01


Want More?

MAS Context wanted MORE and collected a list of 100.

Mas issue more more of more cover


More of More

MAS Context asked several people working in different fields to give us their definition of the concept of More.