What Amuses You?

June 7, 2010

Your responses to our question.


Mas issue amusement what amuses you 01

Out of Context, Chicago Art Department, 2011. © Iker Gil.


Seeing people holding hands down by the lake.

Hey Monday Live picture and space in general >>looks great.


TV Set.

Most things, sadly…

How my labrador retriever has no interest whatsoever in retrieving anything.

People who think that vegetarians only eat grass. Or who assume chicken broth is a-ok.

Beautiful landscapes, cities, buildings, graphics and design.

Graffiti, interactive art, penguins.

3-year olds playing soccer.

The fact that I take showers to procrastinate. (this also concerns me on several levels).

Jokes, videos with rare things, stop motion, motion graphics, interesting objects of design, watches…

#2 supersized. Diet coke.

Thinking about cold sheets before bed, beatboxing on my walk from my car to my home, and listening to my wife sing (preferably in the shower).

Animals acting like people.
Eating finger food with a fork and knife.
Overhearing private conversations on public transportation.


Mas issue amusement what amuses you 02

Out of Context, Chicago Art Department, 2011. © Iker Gil.

Amusing. smelly dogs and the misuse of the word irony.
Delights. ice cream and sex.
Excites. big cities

—Tony, the Chicago Cop

I love sitting in on or by the water, any water. Lake Michigan amuses me to no end. SPLISH SPLASH.

Euphemisms that aren’t, and new ideas that aren’t, in that order.

What kind of amusement? I think these term can branch off into different “amusements.” First amusement: its amusing to be entertained by others; i.e. comedians, people falling from their bikes, dumb questions in very serious environment, going to an exhibition 5 minutes before they close, etc. I think to be amused is to be entertained and being able to laugh so anything can be amusing if it is viewed out of its original context.

Bullshit conversations……and by bullshit I mean superficial.

Stimulating discourse.

My vanity glasses.

Men in business attire with their ties strewn over their shoulders eating ice cream cones.
—Daisy Lynn

Folded dog ears.

Mas issue amusement what amuses you 03

La vie en General. life in general, there is always a surprise at the corner of the street, but you have to look for the first one, then you get the others. Keep on amusing yourself and you will amuse and be amused, by tiny details. Just writting this is amusing.

Josh’s dangling curl.

When I am playing with my daughter—she will suddenly stop, turn beat red, and poop.

The three Bud Lights in my fridge that will probably live there until I move out.

Giving nature human attributes.

When, after a few minutes of conversation with someone, they say, “You’re funny.”

The stories of Marcovaldo—Italo Calvino.

Understanding human nature amuses me. In particular, understanding and solving problems that seem complex, but whose solution is deceptively simple.

Interactive video!!

Flea circuses and dancing hamsters in commercials.
And also “European” shorts.


Seriousness amuses me.

Mas issue amusement what amuses you 04

Out of Context, Chicago Art Department, 2011. © Iker Gil.

I find farts amusing.

I’ll be right back with something amusing (if I can just stop giggling at this dogface snoring at my feet…).

Finding out that a coworker thought that every chicken egg was a baby chick, and was shocked to learn that chickens lay eggs unfertilized. Telling that story to different coworker, and finding out that he has been unwittingly fed fertilized eggs by his partner for years and never knew it, and is visibly grossed out.

Freshmen Boys (such a mixture of immature goof balls and young men……..very funny to observe).

Farm animal antics (donkeys playing on dirt piles and roosters crowing to impress the ladies).


I’m amused by watching encounters between small children and animals—there’s something comical and genuine about those interactions, usually infused with curiosity and sheer delight, between innocent creatures who don’t know quite what to make of each other.

Mas issue amusement what amuses you 05

Out of Context, Chicago Art Department, 2011. © Iker Gil.

People falling down. It never ceases to amuse me. Not that I’m so evil that I would actually cause this to happen…but when it happens on its own, I can’t help finding hilarity in it.
Bubble wrap, drunk people, and reality TV. The latter two go hand-in-hand.


Conversation ONE:

Isabella (seven years old) getting ready for bed.
Isabella: “Mommy, do spirits have spirits?”
My response: “Yes, they do.”
Isabella: “Okay. I was just trying to figure it out.”

Conversation TWO:

Out of the blue, two days ago, Sophia (four years old) stopped while brushing her teeth to ask me a question:
Sophia: “Mommy, why did God make all those planets but only put people on Mother Earth? What are all of the other planets doing?”
My response: “Hmmm. Good Question.”
Sophia (impatient): “Mommy, you told me that every thing God made has a purpose. Why aren’t there people on the other planets? What are those planets doing?”
My response: “I don’t know. But I know God knows.”
Sophia, after a pause: “That’s what I was thinking.”