Issue 20


Guest edited by Koldo Lus Arana and Klaus
Graphic design by Plural
Cover by Chris Ware

Architecture and narrative, as Victor Hugo nostalgically pointed out in The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1831, have walked hand in hand through history, crossing paths without really risking the extinction that the archdeacon of Notre-Dame gloomily predicted. Today, in a moment where the conjunction of the crisis and the entrance into a new stage in the communication era impulse the discipline into new, multiple directions, the narrative aspects of architecture come to the front. This issue tackles the intersections between architectural practices and different forms of visual narrative. Within this overall theme, our NARRATIVE issue moves on both sides of the line that separates these two disciplines, presenting three different perspectives, organized in three consecutive parts. The first section of the issue deals with the presence of graphic narrative in disciplinary architecture, both past and present while the second one discusses the crossing of borders portrayed by comics artists who also make forays into the built world. Finally, the third one moves towards both sides of the spectrum, briefly covering the tangents with (implied) written narratives and emerging animation practices in architecture.

Mas issue narrative cover opening
Mas issue narrative cover opening

Architectural Narratives

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

Mas issue narrative building stories 01

Building Stories

Drawings by Chris Ware with text by Klaus.

Mas issue narrative amazing archigram 02

Amazing Archigram!

Clara Olóriz and Koldo Lus Arana interview Sir Peter Cook

Mas issue narrative lost in the line cover

Lost in the Line

Graphic Novel by Léopold Lambert

Mas issue narrative out of water cover

Out of Water

Graphic Novel by Jimenez Lai

Mas issue narrative kartun the view cover

Kartun: The View!

Graphic novel by Jones, Partners: Architecture, Mark Simmons, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture

Mas issue narrative cartooning architecture and other issues 06

Cartooning Architecture and Other Issues

Iker Gil interviews graphic artist Klaus

Mas issue narrative starchitecture redux cover

Starchitecture Redux

Cartoons by Klaus

Mas issue narrative sensing the comics dna cover

Sensing the Comic’s DNA: Excerpts of a conversation with François Schuiten

Mélanie van der Hoorn in conversation with François Schuiten

Mas issue narrative swartes mystery theater 14

Swarte’s Mystery Theater

Koldo Lus Arana interviews Joost Swarte

Mas issue narrative labyrinths and metaphysical constructions 01

Labyrinths and Metaphysical Constructions: An Interview with Marc-Antonie Mathieu

Léopold Lambert interviews graphic novelist Marc-Antoine Mathieu

Mas issue narrative images come first 01

Images Come First

Andrea Alberghini interviews Manuele Fior

Beyond built architecture 01

Beyond Built Architecture

Ethel Baraona Pohl and César Reyes Nájera from dpr-barcelona interview Jonathan Gales, founding member of Factory Fifteen