Issue 22


Graphic design by Thirst
Cover photography by Ross Floyd

Welcome to our Surveillance issue. This issue examines the presence of surveillance around us—from the way we are being monitored in the physical and virtual world, to the potential of using the data we generate to redefine our relationship to the built environment. Organized as a sequence of our relationship with data, the contributions address monitoring, collecting, archiving, and using the traces that we leave, followed by camouflaging and deleting the traces that we leave. By exploring different meanings of surveillance, this issue seeks to generate a constructive conversation about the history, policies, tools, and applications of the information that we generate and how those aspects are manifested in our daily lives.

Mas issue surveillance cover opening
Mas issue surveillance cover opening

Urban Prisons

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

Mas issue surveillance in the news 01

Surveillance in the News

A selection of quotes on surveillance from the news.

Mas issue surveillance the street as platform 01

The Street as Platform

Essay by Dan Hill, Executive Director of Futures at the UK’s Future Cities Catapult

Mas issue surveillance ring of steel 01

Ring of Steel

Project by photographer Henrietta Williams and mapmaker George Gingell

Mas issue surveillance manifesto for cctv filmmakers 01

Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers

THE FILMMAKER AS SYMBIONT: opportunistic infections of the surveillance apparatus

Mas issue surveillance the traveller 01

The Traveller

Project by Jens Sundheim and Bernhard Reuss

Mas issue surveillance politicians under surveillance 01

Politicians Under Surveillance

Project by Luzinterruptus with photography by Gustavo Sanabria

Mas issue surveillance intelligence artifacts 01

Intelligence Artifacts: A Selection of Objects from the CIA’s Museum

Selection of several artifacts that were designed and used for intelligence operations during the twentieth century

Mas issue surveillance drone survival guide 01

Drone Survival Guide

Essay and graphics by Ruben Pater

Mas issue surveillance songs cover

Surveillance Songs

Surveillance songs by The Police, Rockwell, and St Vincent

Mas issue surveillance hidden 02


Project by Allison Greenwald

Mas issue surveillance materiality of deletion 01

Materiality of Deletion

Essay by Christo de Klerk

Mas issue surveillance by designers mike mcquade 01

Surveillance by Designers

We asked a few great Chicago designers to give us their view of surveillance