Issue 15


Graphic design by Plural
Cover by Anthony Burrill

Making visible the invisible. That was the title of our interview with interactive designer George Legrady published in our Information issue and the name of one of his most known projects. Conceived for the Seattle Public Library, it visualizes the circulation of books going in and out of the library’s collection.

This issue continues to make visible the invisible conditions present around us that inform the way we engage with the city. At the same time, we are bringing forgotten landscapes, hidden away systems and lost environments back to the forefront of the discussion, all of them significant in our history and waiting to be reexamined.

Mas issue visibility cover opening
Mas issue visibility cover opening

Waiting to be Revealed

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

Mas issue visibility infra 11


Photo essay by Richard Mosse

Mas issue visibility dont ask my real name 01

Don’t Ask My Real Name

Photo essay by Zahra Jewanjee

Mas issue visibility heels to safer urban cycling 01

Heels to Safer Urban Cycling

Short Essay by Annette Ferrara

Mas issue visibility writing without words 04

Writing Without Words

Text and project by Stefanie Posavec

Mas issue visibility visual complexity 01

Visual Complexity

Iker Gil and Andrew Clark interview Manuel Lima

Mas issue visibility ghost writer 01


Short essay by Jon Johnstone

Mas issue visibility the disappearing architect 02

The Disappearing Architect: Four Moves Towards Invisibility

Text by Ya´el Santopinto and Jonathan Wong

Mas issue visibility digging deeper 04

Digging Deeper

Short essay by Joanna Livieratos

Mas issue visibility the wheel thing 01

The Wheel Thing

Short essay by Jim Abele

Mas issue visibility i know ive seen the master plan 01

I know I’ve Seen the Master Plan

Text by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes from OMNIBUS with photographs by Lorenz Bürgi

Mas issue visibility blurred 06


Essay by Antonio Petrov

Mas issue visibility i did this in twenty steps 01

I Did This in Twenty Steps

Short essay by Mark McGinnis

Mas issue visibility the limits of google 01

The Limits of Google

Project by Pedro Hernández

Mas issue visibility at night 08

Atnight: Visions Through Data

Research and cartography by Pablo Martínez and Mar Santamaría