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MAS Context 2023 Spring Talks

January 24, 2023

We are happy to share the events of our MAS Context 2023 Spring Talks series. This series features exhibitions, in-person and online lectures on remarkable practices and practitioners, a new edition of our Couplings series, the introduction of the Now / Arriving series, and a new installation as part of Concéntrico Festival in Spain.

Mas event 2023 periphery 01

Route 1 over Leeville, 2021. © Virginia Hanusik.

Wednesday, January 11 – (VIDEO)
Lecture by Frida Grahn and Elizabeth Greenspan
“Denise Scott Brown: In Other Eyes”

Wednesday, February 1 – (VIDEO)
Lecture by Donna Kacmar and Whitney Moon
“Victor Lundy at 100”

Tuesday, March 7 – (INFO)
Presentations by Akima Brackeen, Abigail Chang, Iker Gil, Tom Lee, Matthew Messner, Dawveed Scully, Brian Vitale, and Christopher Wolf
“Couplings 2023”

Monday, March 13 – (INFO)
Lecture by Ana Amado and Andrés Patiño
“Inhabiting the Water”

March 23-June 3 – (INFO)
Exhibition by Virginia Hanusik

Tuesday, March 28 – (VIDEO)
Presentations by DAAM, Future Firm, and Kwong Von Glinow
“Now / Arriving 2023”

Monday, April 10 – (VIDEO)
Lecture by Virginia Hanusik and Derek Hoeferlin

“Engineering Ecosystems: The Mississippi River Watershed and its Infrastructure”

April 27–May 2 – (INFO)
Installation by Design With Company as part of Concéntrico 09
“Stone Wall Stand In”

Tuesday, May 11 – (VIDEO)
Lecture by Rebecca Elliott and Virginia Hanusik

“Floodplain Futures: Flood Insurance and the Economy of Climate Change”

Tuesday, May 16 – (VIDEO)
Lecture by Design With Company
“Spaces With Stories”

Thursday, May 25 – (INFO)
World premiere of film by Nathan Eddy
“Starship Chicago II”

June 1–June 18 – (INFO)
Digital screening of film by Nathan Eddy
“Starship Chicago II”

Thursday, June 22 – (VIDEO)
Lecture by Vladimir Belogolovsky, Jean-Louis Cohen, and Jeremy Edmiston
“Harry Seidler at 100”

All the talks are open to the public. MAS Context is supported in part by private donations. For information about how to support MAS Context, please visit: