Our spring and fall events act as an extension of the topics explored in the issues, engaging with new audiences in fruitful conversations led by emerging and established academics and practitioners. These events take the form of lectures, book launches, panel discussions, film screenings, studio visits, and artistic installations. The online section dedicated to our events features information about upcoming programs as well as an archive of previous events that include videos, photographs, and texts.


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A Lot With Little

October 26-January 27, 2024

Exhibition by London-based architect and curator Noemí Blager with films by Tapio Snellman at the MAS Context Reading Room (1564 North Damen Avenue, Suite 204, Chicago, IL 60622).

Gallery visits are available October 26–January 27 by appointment. To book a visit, please use our calendar form to see available dates and times. We open the space specifically for each visit so if you can’t make the reservation, please cancel it ahead of time.

A Lot With Little has been supported by Arper.


Mas event 2023 there is room 03
Mas event 2023 there is room 03


There is Room

August 15-October 14, 2023