Issue 30-31


Graphic design by Meneo

Welcome to our Bilbao issue. This issue explores the remarkable transformation of the city and the goals and needs driving it. Through insightful essays, personal photo essays, failed projects, exceptional successes, and open interviews, this issue provides a comprehensive look at a metamorphosis whose scope and complexity goes far beyond the construction of a single renowned building.

Mas issue bilbao cover opening
Mas issue bilbao exploring the city you grew up in 02

Exploring the City You Grew Up In

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

Mas issue bilbao a disappearing bilbao 03


Chronology by Iker Gil

Mas issue bilbao 20th century architecture 01

20th Century Architecture: Through the Lenses of Seven Projects

Text and selection by García de la Torre Arquitectos with illustrations by Meneo

Mas issue bilbao the american houses of bilbao 01

The American Houses of Bilbao

Essay by Patxi Eguiluz and Carlos Copertone

Mas issue bilbao a bastion of design 01

A Bastion of Design

Project by Cini Boeri Architetti

Mas issue bilbao bilbao and the magazine nueva forma 16

Bilbao and the Magazine Nueva Forma

Essay by Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno and Elena Martínez-Litago

Mas issue bilbao the vizcaya amusement park 32

The Vizcaya Amusement Park: A Story of Broken Dreams

Essay by Tomás Ruiz with photography by Yosigo

Mas issue bilbao men of steel in a grey landscape 01

Men of Steel in a Grey Landscape

Text and photographs by Fidel Raso

Mas issue bilbao apoptosis 01


Text and photographs by Carlos Copertone

Mas issue bilbao the alhondiga cultural center 01

The Alhóndiga Cultural Center and Other Architectural Dreams

Essay by Patricia Sanz Lacarra and Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno

Mas issue bilbao abando passenger interchange 01

The Abando Passenger Interchange: A Project Traveling Over Eighty Years

Project by James Stirling Michael Wildford & Associates

Mas issue bilbao metro bilbao 07

Metro Bilbao

Essay by García de la Torre Arquitectos

Mas issue bilbao zigzags in mina del morro 01

Zigzags in Mina del Morro

Project by Eduardo Belzunce, Luis Díaz-Mauriño, and Juan García Millán

Mas issue bilbao idom offices 01

IDOM Offices

Project by IDOM

Mas issue bilbao nervion river docks 01

Reurbanization of the Nervión River Docks

Project by Juan Sádaba and José Luis Burgos

Mas issue bilbao a disappearing bilbao 01

A Disappearing Bilbao

Essay by Patxi Eguíluz

Mas issue bilbao a city in film 01

A City in Film

Iker Gil interviews Koldo Serra

Mas issue bilbao botxero stores 01

Botxero Stores

Text and photographs by Diego Sanz

Mas issue bilbao the basque city 01

Landscapes and Networks in the the City-Region: The Basque City

Essay by Alfonso Vegara and Juan Luis de Las Rivas

Mas issue bilbao a place in transition 01

A Place in Transition

Essay by Iker Gil with photography by Aitor Ortiz

Mas issue bilbao a new zorrotzaurre 01

A New Zorrotzaurre

Project by Zaha Hadid Architects

Mas issue bilbao perfect future 01

Perfect Future

Essay by Ruth Mayoral López

Mas issue bilbao words desires and memories 01

Words, Desires, and Memories

Text and photographs by Aitor Ortiz

Mas issue bilbao postcards 01

Postcards from Bilbao

Postcards from Meneo, Eider Corral, Vudumedia, Hopper Ink, and La Machine