Postcards from Bilbao

March 27, 2017

Postcards from Meneo, Eider Corral, Vudumedia, Hopper Ink, and La Machine.

Mas issue bilbao postcards 01

Postcards from Bilbao. © Meneo.

From Meneo – Welcome

Mas issue bilbao postcards 02

Welcome. © Meneo.

A spot to live in
To fail
To rise
A land to be
To meet people
To gather
A place to grow
To love
To touch
A playground

From Eider Corral – The Basque Norway

Mas issue bilbao postcards 03

The Basque Norway. © Eider Corral.

At the very entrance of the city, cod boats coming from Norway could not pass Olabeaga because their drafts made it impossible to get any further up the river. The fish was unloaded in the neighborhood and stories of that time speak of sailors looking for fun after months of life at sea, who temporarily inhabited Olabeaga where they left descendants.

From Vudumedia – Bilbao Song

Mas issue bilbao postcards 04

Bilbao Song. © Vudumedia.

Bill’s beer hall in Bilbao
Was the most fantastic place I’ve ever known.
On the dance floor the grass grew high,
Through the roof the moon was shining green
And the music really gave you some return on what you paid.
Now they’ve cleaned it up and made it middle class
With potted palms and aspree,
Very bourgeois, very bourgeois,
Just another place to put your ass.
They’ve cleaned up all the booze and broken glass,
On parquet floors you can’t grow grass,
They’ve shut the green moon out because of rain
And the music makes you cringe now when you think of what you paid.
Hey Joe, play that ol’ song they always played.

From Hopper Ink – San Ignation

Mas issue bilbao postcards 05

San Ignation. © Hopper Ink.

From La Machine Gráfica – Lost Letters in Bilbao

Mas issue bilbao postcards 06

Lost Letters of Bilbao. © La Machine Gráfica.

1. Disco 3
Berastegui, 1

2. Bar-Restaurante Isla de Loto
Gran Vía, 19

3. Bar Ereaga
Villarías, 2
Original sign removed

4. Cafetería Bilbao 70
Colón de Larreátegui, 40
Original sign removed

5. La Bacalada
Belosticalle, 17-19
Business closed, sign remains

6. Cafetería New York
Buenos Aires Kalea, 15
Business closed, sign remains

7. Cocinas Leyre
Gran Vía, 63

8. Bar Gaspy
Cortes, 19
Still standing!

9. Bar-Restaurante San Fran
San Francisco, 27
Still standing!

10. Bar Irache
Colón de Larreátegui, 33
Still standing!

11. Sombrerería Gorostiaga
Victor, 9
Still standing!

12. Farmacia Arrieta
Licenciado Poza, 38
Still standing!

13. Coctelería Bar Tito’s
Rodríguez Arias, 8
Still standing!

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