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Issue 28
Mas issue hidden requiem for the hidden track 01

Requiem for the Hidden Track

Essay by John Stirratt
Mas issue hidden one wall away 01

One Wall Away: On Hidden Spaces

Text and photographs by Jan Theun van Rees
Mas issue hidden cover opening

The More Important Something Is, The More It Is Hidden

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context
Mas issue hidden seeing triborough 12

Seeing Triborough

Visual essay by Sam Holleran
Mas issue surveillance hidden 02


Project by Allison Greenwald
Mas issue hidden logistical ecologies 01

Logistical Ecologies of the North American Operational Landscape

Essay by Conor O’Shea, Luke Hegeman, and Chris Bennett
Mas issue hidden exploring the physicality of the tunnel and reservoir plan 01

Exploring the Physicality of the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan

Text and photographs by David Schalliol
Mas issue hidden undergrounding 01


Photographs by Theo Simpson with text by Tom James
Mas issue hidden tunnel 01


Photographs by Rene Kersting
Mas issue hidden beti jai 06

Beti Jai: The Last Surviving Basque Pelota Historic Fronton in Madrid

Essay by Carlos Copertone and Patxi Eguiluz
Mas issue hidden space travel 06

Space Travel

Text and photographs by Charles Rice
Mas issue hidden blinded by delight 01

Blinded by “Delight”

Image by Jennifer Park and Faiza Uppal
Mas issue hidden almost there 01

Almost There

Iker Gil and Julie Michiels in conversation with Dan Rybicky
Mas issue hidden farhana 01


Project by Reinaldo Loureiro
Mas issue hidden revealing tendencies 01

Revealing Tendencies: Chinese Urbanization & the Floating Population

Essay by Florence Twu
Mas issue hidden 7 modes of counterespionage 06

7 Modes of Counterespionage

Text by Sumayya Vally and Sarah de Villiers of Counterspace
Mas issue hidden la recalculated 01

L.A. Recalculated

Project by Laura Allen, Geoff Manaugh, and Mark Smout

Archipelagos of Detritus: The Need for a Theory on Spatial Waste

Essay by Sergio Lopez-Pineiro
Mas issue hidden exposed urbanity 01

Exposed Urbanity

Project by Emily Louise Allen and Leandro Couto de Almeida
Mas issue hidden reconciling infrastructural artifacts 02

Reconciling Infrastructural Artifacts

Project by Roberto Boettger
Mas issue hidden beyond the proscenium wall 01

Beyond the Proscenium Wall

Essay by Odile Compagnon
Mas issue hidden sounding lines 10

Sounding Lines

Essay by Andrew Ruff
Mas issue hidden visualizing electromagnetic fields 01

Visualizing Electromagnetic Fields

Text and project by Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray
Mas issue hidden the most modern of men cover

The Most Modern of Men

Short essay by Matthew Hoffman
Mas issue hidden preoccupied 06


Words by Naomi Evans and illustrations by Julio Brenes
Mas issue visibility cover opening


Issue 15
Mas issue visibility the disappearing architect 02

The Disappearing Architect: Four Moves Towards Invisibility

Text by Ya´el Santopinto and Jonathan Wong