Bridging Ban Krua

April 5, 2010

Project by Edward Yim.

A single modern building has taken up a vast plot of property along the south shore of the Saen Saeb Canal. Across the canal stands the historical Ban Krua Community huddled together in a large density. The dichotomy of the modern building and the ancient village presents an urban issue of space use; the mall’s property is vacant during closing hours, whereas every inch of the village is occupied at all times. The project is an intervention resulting in collapsible spatial units attached to the columns of the Tesco Lotus parking lot. These units can be opened during the off-hours of the mall to create a night market and allow migrant workers to work and reside for a short amount of time in accordance with the mall. The symbiosis of the two programs would present the exploration and awareness the city needs for future urban planning.